Freedrum on Linux


We don’t officially support Linux, but of course it’s great that this guy has it working:

To get a good latency it might be necessary to follow these instructions:

Hopefully this will all improve shortly, it seems the BLE MIDI on Linux is really in its infancy.

[Ongoing] Workaround for ChromeOS?

Hi, here is the author of the above gist. Summary: on Ubuntu 18.04 this may start to work out of the box. Until then, you’ll need to build bluez from source as described above (or wait until someone publishes packages - which might be me, or someone else, feel free).

To get low latency, connection parameters need to be set manually. Somehow the microcontroller Freedrum uses, doesn’t send them on Linux with bluez. If anyone has any clue as to why the nordicsemi device doesn’t send connection parameters to a bluez stack, please let us know! Read more…


Hi there,

A related question, anyone know of a bluetooth adapter that works both with linux and freedrum fairly well ?



@Jean-Baptiste_Weibel I’m using my Macbook Pro’s built-in BCM2046 bluetooth device, working great.