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BEWARE - I attempted to return my purchase. Freedrum would not allow me to return despite meeting the requirements set in their return policy. I had to contact my credit card company and report fraud. I am now starting a YouTube channel dedicated to this issue. If you experienced the same issue, let me know. I will report it too.

I just want to return it. What the hell is their problem?


Did you get some reply ?



Below is the last email I received. I have replied 4 times to this email and never got a reply.


Jun 13, 2019, 4:00 AM


We are sorry to hear. Was it something we can troubleshoot with him to get him up and running? If not please let us know and we will start the return process.

Seyran Dalipouski
Direct Sales & Customer Experience Lead


On Wed, 12 Jun at 6:27 PM , > wrote:


I would like to request a refund. It was a gift to my father, but he did not like the functionality.

My order number is: 09064

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We try our best to please all our Freedrummers and so my apologies that there was this mixup! I’ve looked into this myself and also attempted to refund you today. Because you have claimed this as fraud, our payment processor will not let me complete the refund. It now looks like you will need to wait until mid-September now to receive the refund. Let me know how you’d like to proceed!



Thank you for looking into my return. I appreciate it. Yes, my credit card temporarily credited my account and required me to forward documentation to them regarding my attempt to return the item under the agreed terms stated on your website. I have not heard back yet from them. Once their process completes, we can then proceed as needed. Please contact me via the email provided for the sale. We can touch base in September or sooner if possible.

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Will do! Thank you for clarifying.


Hello All,

Freedrum has accepted my return. All is good now.

Please purchase from Freedrum with confidence.

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