Freedrum vs Senstroke and Android compatibility

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I’ve been eyeing this since quite some time, and now is the time! The only thing is that I’m still hesitating between Senstroke and Freedrum. I’ve heard very good things from both, but I didn’t find any article or video comparing both products.

What would be the advantages of Freedrum over Senstroke? I saw that Freedrum was for air drumming, can Senstroke do that as well, or just with hard surfaces? Conversely, would maybe Senstroke be better at managing pads, rebounds, and generally hitting surfaces than Freedrum?

Another point that I’m not sure about is the compatibility with my phone, I have a Wiko View Max, and for example the Freedrum app says there could be problems with my phone because of no “Pro audio” while the Senstroke app reports less than 45 ms of latency, are both products using completely different technology, or is it MIDI over BlueTooth for both?

I’d be grateful for opinions from Freedrum users and people who may have used both products :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! Thank you for reaching out to us. We have briefly tested out the Senstroke sensors. Though they look similar it is two completely different ways to play. To play you have to physically hit something versus Freedrum which is just the air.

It makes it difficult to have a 10 piece kit, like you can with Freedrum, because you would need to many items or drum pads to hit. Where with Freedrum it is the air so you don’t need any other equipment other than a smartphone, tablet or computer.

They do have an advantage of having feedback from hits, but it only gives the feel of a real drumset if it is a practice pad, but we have seen them use legs, pillows etc to play.

We believe that for us we are offering a way to play the drums anytime anywhere to the fullest. No cables, no equipment, no drum pads just your sticks and smartphone.

We can’t say for sure that your device will work because for starters we have never tested this device and the diagnostics say it doesn’t have pro audio. We do have a 14-day return policy if you wanted to order and check it out.

Thanks for your answer, that clarifies it!

Now I have to decide if I want to air drum or play on pads :stuck_out_tongue: But I will definitely take up that if there is a return policy, that’s great!

I have been able to get the 2 solutions : Freedrum and Senstroke. Here is my experience !

Both solutions have their advantages.
They are both MIDI over Bluetooth.
Freedrum will let you play where you want because you don’t need to hit something. Sadly, you don’t really have the sensation of "playing dums, beacause of that. It is still a great idea, but i found it limited at a point of “simulate drums”.
Senstroke needs a surface, practice pad, or not. It is really precise, even on a pillow, and allows you to get more dumming sensations. The downside is that you can’t have a full drumkit of 10 elements on your knee, but it is logical if you want to have good drums vibe.
I would add that even if it is difficult to play with a lot elements on a small surface with Sensroke, it is also difficult to manage the Freedrum rifting problem.

In the end, both products have different purpose : Freedrum is more for “entairtainment” and Senstroke more “reallistic”


@Yoriko Thanks for your detailed comparison! That helps a lot.

One thing I didn’t get, what is the Freedrum rifting problem?

Well, the sensors tends to drift quite often. There is a lot of threads about it.

This can lead to some big issues for playing with FD sadly.

As for me I tried them both and I can say that Freedrum is much more advanced than Senstroke in the way that Freedrum sensors can understand that you made a left or a right if you do it slowly.
Senstroke can’t. You have to add a minimum of velocity for the sensors to understand.
Freedrum lets you appreciate lightweight sticks. Senstroke is heavy because of their conception. There is plastic to attach the sensors where Freedrum uses elastics.
The Senstroke sensors doesn’t support speed drumming. They’re too quick to lose track.
Finally Senstroke is designed to be played on hard surfaces, where Freedrum cannot make a sound, but on soft surfaces like your leg it is very accurate.
At last I see the real instrument in the Freedrum solution and more of a gadget in the Senstroke one. One is more like a muscle trainer tool and the other is simply an emulator.

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Hi there,

I wanted to share my experiences with both of the products because I red strange things about Freedrum and Senstroke.

So, because I am a drummer, as soon as I saw Freedrum on Kickstarter I bought them.
I had a hard time in the beginning, I didn’t understand how to handle the strikes at all. It took me a long time to realize that only air drumming worked. I had to force my habits to respect the pre-configured kits.
In the end, I managed to do some nice things, I had fun with it and then… I waited, waited for new stuff that never came out. Why is there never an update? The last update was released in September 2019, and it’s only a patch… Never get answers from my requests, and since your company shut down last year that is worst. Seriously guy, listen to your client, fix the bugs and offer new features…

In the meantime I bought Senstroke sensors in France (it is quite easy to find it in many stores) because I’m French (sorry for my english !).

It’s a bit like Freedrum, you have to take the hit at the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very similar in the way you respect the constraints to avoid drifting.
However, the differences are huge: Senstroke handles bounces (which is what I like the most), you can customize the location of the elements in your kit, and most importantly, Senstroke releases updates every month. The latest ones with the learning mode are really great. You can learn songs directly in the app, it’s a blast. I never saw that, better than Melodics for me because you can learn everywhere.

In short, all this to say that both products are good (they are exactly the same weight) but personally I prefer the one that offers updates (they really take care of their clients), manages bounce, so my preference goes to Senstroke.

That’s my point of view :slight_smile:



Thanks J for your post !!
And what about the drifting ?

; )

Hi !
You’re welcome. The drifting is different between the two solutions :slightly_smiling_face:
-> Freedrum : I DO NOT recommend to hit any surface with, including your legs. If so, the sensors are crazy. If I play Airdrum with a very basic drum kit, and if I push often the button, I do not have a lot of troubles. If I add more elements (2 toms, 2 cymbals), that’s impossible to play.
-> Senstroke : I DO NOT recommend to play Airdrum with. The sensors go crazy. When I play with the beginner setup that’s perfect to me, If i add more elements (2 toms, 2 cymbals) I have to recalibrate the sensors by pushing the button every minute. That’s an habit to take I think.

So, both are drifting in different way


Merci !!

When you say “push often the button”, do you mean the button of the sensor in order to re-allocate it again when your song is finish ? Nice tip !!

In my case, there is another issue apart from drifting : The low level pads are … really low to hit !! So again and again mistakes appear when hitting the hihat cymbal (and instead … the crash cymbal sounds !!) Any clue ?

; )

Cheers !!


are you talking about Freedrum or Senstroke :smiley: ?
Even if the moderator of the page are not very reactive here, I’m not sure that they will appreciate that we talk about Senstroke here ! If so, maybe could we talk on the Redison forum ?

Cheers !

I’m talking about the Freedrum sensors …

; )

Thanks J !!

ok !
I pushed it during each songs. I did not play with them since I have Senstroke, so I won’t be able to help you a lot on it I think…

Thanks anyway J !!
Enjoy your drumming !!

Cheers !!

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Hey James i would like more advice on both method i am french too
Is there anyway i can send you an MP ?

I don’t know how to send PM?
I will happy to help.

Wich sensors do you have?

Fair review of differences here.
Does some additional individual reviews.

Even some comments lead me to believe he’s had limited time to play with Freedrum (eg wasn’t aware of wireless headphones options discuss on Blog (Wi-Fi)) nor the rimshot availability in GarageBand via left twist gesture. Ie probably all products can do a bit more than he suggests with time and practice.

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