Freedrum with NI Maschine 2?


Has anyone been able to combine using Freedrum with NI Maschine? If so, that would be so cool.


Maschine can run as any other vst. Should work fine as long as you set the Sensor’s up on you computer and DAW.


Thanks Fredrick,
I was hoping that someone who has used it could tell me what I need to do. I can connect using Audio and Midi Setup, play the sensors perfectly in GarageBand and Logic Pro X but Maschine 2 is slightly different. The idea is you have 16 pads in which you can choose any sample. Im not sure how I can then assign a pad to a sensor. Any one had any joy?


There are many ways to do it. I think you can get some ideas in this thread:


Hi Fredrik,

That thread doesn’t really help as the way Reaper and Maschine 2 setup are not the same.

I’m using Machine 2, OSX 10.11.6 and Audio Midi Setup on a late -2013 iMac.
Like I have said before, I have FreeDrum working in GarageBand and Logic Pro X perfectly ( the latter with the audio buffering at a lower level than the usual 1024)

If there are many ways to do it, could you explain one please?
Thank you, that would be massively appreciated.


Depending of what plugs you are using in Logic, you can do midi mapping to map the existing pads to different sounds.

Here are some links for midi mapping in different DAW’s to get you some idea of what i mean :wink:


I’ll check these out, thank you.


I’ve been tearing my hair out for the last hour trying to sort it.
If anyones got any hints, that would be great, thank you.


Has anyone got more of an idea as to how to use Maschine 2 in conjunction with FreeDrum? The problem I have is that in Audio and Midi setup (where I have to connect the sensors via Bluetooth) it’s not possible to assign the sensors to a particular Midi channel. I’m not using Machine 2 as AU. I’m using it in Standalone Mode.


Still no good. Anyone?