FreeDrum Works, If You Practice!

Here’s me, after really getting to know the workings and tricks of Freedrum, get it to do exactly what I want for 4 minutes straight with no glitches.

It IS possible, fellow Freedrummer! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Happy paradiddles!


Hey Pedro! Thank for the recording. It sounds great!

What about the drifting? It can’t be solved by practicing… :frowning:

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Hi Kovbenc,
I think what Pedro means (as I have the same opinion) is that if you play as accurately to the angles as suggested on the Freedrum website (via practice), then the less chance of drifting, or at least it takes a lot longer before it becomes a problem and requires a re-calibrate.

You may have already seen, but if not some good guides here:

Ie drumming style, keeping sensors flat, and keeping to the designated angles will help tremendously. There is also a guide of the exact angles (30deg either side I think and 60deg up, the colour LEDs help with the lateral position indication).

I find I can play for some time now without too much drifting, and only when I play really fast and know I’m not quite on the required angles then I expect it to eventually drift but after quite some time.

Hopefully Freedrum can improve even further but definitely very workable with a little practice.

Also check you’re on V8 firmware as this made it even better than previous versions, especially raising the crash slightly to avoid as many accidentle hits when attempting to hit the hats.

Good luck.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Yes, I have V8 sensors, and I try to keep the angles (50deg left/right, -10deg down, +25deg up). With practice it’s getting better. :slight_smile:
It would be great though if left/right sticks would have different angle rules, because they don’t start parallel to each other when I re-calibrate them…

Hi Kovbenc,
I callibrate the sensors on a slight inward angle as they are independent to each other.
Ie tips closer together then recalibrate as this is where they naturally sit.
Others may start more parallel. This works quite well for me when turning left or right as both sticks move about the same angle. Understand for others though (and maybe even me) that the left and right sensors may move slightly different angles when moving to play the same drum.

I’m sure more flexibility in calibration and initial setup customisation in future firmare and software releases will help.
All the user feedback plays a part so keep suggestions coming I say! Cheers,

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Yes, I already made a suggestion for handling the 2 stick in a slightly different way… there should be a LEFT and a RIGHT stick, and they should work with different angles. Maybe we could calibrate them by hitting the center, left and right spots with each stick. Anyway, there is always room for improving the A.I. - and yes, user feedback is very important! :slight_smile: Eagerly waiting for the next update… Freedrum is getting better and better!!! :slight_smile:

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Hey there Kovbenc!

The drifting can be about 98% solved by a simple trick I discovered.

Find a comfortable place on each stick to set your sensors first. Then, with some strong gaffer tape, wrap it around the sensors so they stay in place, and voila!

You will have to “adjust” the way you play and hold the sticks a little bit to find you optimal comfort zone.

One other thing that really helped. I bought myself a pair of extra thick drumsticks, nice and heavy feeling. This factor increases attack precision, helps with drumrolls and paradiddles and is easier on the arm strain as you don’t need to use as much force to produce the desired sound.

Let me know if this worked for you! Have a blast, bro! :slight_smile:


Hello Pedro,

Thank you for your explanation. I will wrap a strong duck tape around the sensors tomorrow and test it with the new firmware v9. With the new app up to 12 zones are now possible. For me it currently works best with 5 zones on the lower level and 4 zones on the upper level, but I’m also currently testing it more closely so it suits me best. In GarageBand it’s definitely mega good with 3 toms.

I still have one question: do you recommend to position the sensors like the developers do or do you have a preferred or recommended “place”?