Freedrums on Windows 10 reaper running addictive drums 2


I got free drums about 2 weeks ago and I have been playing around with it and got addictive drums 2 to work with it. Free drums is awesome can’t wait till we get more zones for rim shots and cowbells and etc.


I’ve got it working on windows 10 using the Korg midi patch on Cakewalk sonar. Latency is a touch high but i think i can get better. need to try a couple of things and see if latency shortens a bit.


I used a Bluetooth Dogle and I am getting about 10ms/25ms and I can’t feel any latency!


Hey Mitch that is great news. Can you share your setup and what dongle you are using? It would be greatly appreciated.


I use an Alienware r3 laptop with the internal Bluetooth card, reaper on windows 10, then addictive drums 2 ran through reaper plays like a dream. Can’t wait till you guys create more zones for the drum kits! Also using Asio sound driver to bring latency down!


yes it really would be nice! finally my problem was solved with acoustic drums and my neighbors. Although before that I used Drum Shield. I found out about this on the website I’ve been using Freedrums for over a month and am happy with everything. Thank you very much for this product.