GarageBand on iPad 3. No Crash or tom sounds


Hey guys,
Got my Freedrum kit a couple of days ago and am bloody loving it! It’s working like a dream on Logic through my computer but I’m trying to figure out a way to get it working on my iPad for times when I want a bit more of a portable option. I’ve got the Sensorware app and am running it through GarageBand, which is generally working okay, but I’m having trouble getting any sound at all on the crash cymbal and high toms. I only have 3 kit options on the version I have (which I think is the newest version I can get on this device), so it might just be a case of not being able to function on the iPad 3 as it is a bit older. Just thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone is having similar issues or might have a solution.
Overall though, I’m absolutely loving the kit! Excellent work team! So pumped!



Try to go into Sensorware and the settings of one of the sensors.

Press the toggle of the foot sensor off and on twice. This should correct the issue you are having. :slight_smile: