[Guide] How To - Freedrum on Windows 10 with Reaper


I ‘forgot’ the sensors in Windows, resetted the sensors themselves, repeated everything a dozen times… Still they get connected for only a couple of seconds and then lose it again.

@Dherian, haven’t tried to reinstall the KORG driver, gonna try this out later, thanks.


Just start Reaper and it should work. When i connect mine to windows they only appear to be connected for a few seconds and then turn blue but as soon as i start reaper they work and show the correct color.


Has anyone managed to use the ASIO4All drivers plus spotify ( or any other audio program) ?
i have perfect latecy but cant use music from other apps to practice XD


Pro Tip?!?

Download the music and add as track so u play along…


Ugh… Thats exactly what i wanted to avoid. Since spotify is more convenient.
Thanks l.


Excellent tip to use the phones BT and midi out to the laptop!
My phone is a Sony Xperia X Compact running Oreo.
My laptop an ACER R3-131T-P^YX running Windows10. Using the ASIO driver for optimal latency.

I had severe problems playing via the internal bluetooth adapter of my laptop.
Too much delay, lot of mispositioning (double hits, wrong midi notes).

So what I did now, connected my freedrums to my phone via your browser service. Connected phone via USB to the laptop and enabled midi (actually Android asked if it should make a MIDI connection)

In Reaper the phone shows up and I can play the MTPowerKit with the same accuracy of placement as I have in sensorware. Latency is little better than on my phone I think, very good to be able to play!

Love my FREEDRUM! Now get my footsensors ASAP!


Actually it seems to work with the internal BT also without significant latency.
After a restart of the sticks and laptop all works fine in reaper.


Hello Rarder44

I can not configure yet is the sensors for kick and hi hat.
I do not know how to direct them to touch the kick and hi hat

I am currently using

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Bluetooth TRENDNET Model: TBW-106UB.
Bluesoleil 10
Reaper v5.80 64-bit
Korg BLE-MIDI Driver for Windows



You have to configure the sensors to foot sensors first.
But therefore you need An iPhone or a compatibele android phone.


Hello PeterB

I don’t have any mobile compatible, there’s another way to configure the sensors to foot sensors?


I could connect freedrum ti my PC but i have a latency issue.
Ideal someone knows how to fix it i Will be the happiest person in the world. XD XD XD XD XD


Here is the check list.

Turn off freedrum and turn it on.
If it doesn’t work, check these.

  1. decent audio interface with low latency
  2. fast cpu, enough memory, and latest update of Windows 10.
  3. supporting Bluetooth LE


Download Cakewalk… that is what I had to do for the drum set plug in for some reason that app seems to be more automatic and user-friendly


Hi i have a problem regarding connecting my freedrums to the pc via bluetooth. a year ago i was able to play using reaper connected to my laptop via bluetooth. However now i am not able to even connect my freedrums to my laptop using bluetooth. everytrime i try to connect it through bluetooth, it lights up awhile like its connected but then instantly goes back to a blue light which means its still searching for a device. i tried updating both my laptop and sensors using the sensorware. im not sure what else to do so i can play my freedrums on reaper.

please help


Hi, i have got freedrums working following the method you suggested. AND it works fine as long as i play slowly, as soon as i put a little speed up and i mean a little it starts to lag behind , so much that it is impossible to keep timing correct playing with any music, live or recordings.I play in a band and have played drums for over 40 years and it is most frustrating. I have windows 10…Here are my specs of the laptop that i am using…Processor Intel® core ™…i7-8550u cpu@1.80 Ghz 2.00 G+R… memory ram 8.00GB…64 Bit Operating System x 64 Processor…( dont know if that helps but i thought i would throw it in just in case) looking forward to any suggestions…Thanks…


Hi Alex_Incensus

followed thru with your advise and now NO lag. It is wonderfull…Thankou…


Hi Drummer here Not Computer guy :grin: When I copy and paste the MT power drum kit Plugins to REAPERr it says “must have administrative permission 2 Copy files to this program” Help! I am the owner of the computer therefore I should be the administrator correct ? or is it the program ? The files are clearly Pasted in the plugins folder But they do not show up in the plugins Menu of the program


Hi, Years late but when I had this exact problem after several tries I went in and noticed some permissions and sharing were restricted in Reaper so I just gave access to everything involving Reaper and MTdrum and it showed up! However I still can’t get any sensor- MTdrum connection I’ve tirelessly done all the steps over and over to no avail! It’s heartbreaking…


Can someone please help me? I followed the instructions to a T and got everything to work just fine…except when I go to play with my Freedrums. When I try to play, it is not accurate AT ALL. I go to hit something on the left of the kit, and it will hit something else on the right. And when I try hitting other things, nothing will happen at all.

What am I doing wrong?

I really want to use my Freedrums with this software so I can customize my sound and not have to be stuck using my phone, but the lack of an in-depth tutorial for using Freedrums and Reaper (or any other software) is frustrating.

Please help.

Issues with reaper

Amazing guide man, just one question, when I rise my left foot to open the hi hat, and I hit the hi hat with my right hand stick, there is no open hi hat sound being triggered.
Do you know how to fix this?
Thank you guys