[Guide] How To - Freedrum on Windows 10 with Reaper


Thanks, I think the problem was an update on windows, which for some reason Freedrum was not recognized by Reaper, but I reset the sensors (hold until the yellow led) and he returned to normal. But thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:


Hello, just a quick tool here, if it may help some people : http://flexiblemidi.bitballoon.com/

I created this webpage, using chrome “experimental features” with bluetooth, to help people connect & use their freedrums sensors trough their android phone, and the routing the MIDI to any midi output of the Phone.

I personnaly use it in the following way : Freedrums sensors connected to my phone (with my webpage), phone plugged to my Windows 7 computer on USB (with USB midi activated), Reaper + MTPowerKit on my computer.

It may help you if you fail to connect directly your sensors to your computer, by using your android phone for bluetooth connection


I can confirm with 100% no doubt that these devices work seamlessly in Reaper 5.xx with the Toontrack EZ-Drummer, and Superior Drummer 2.0 with the NY Avatar and Metal Foundry Sound banks…

Totally Awesome!!! :slight_smile:


Have you found one yet? I have the same problem on my 32 Bit Laptop.


Hello and what a great guide, i stopped drumming around 5 years ago due to having kids and selling all my kits and gear for money - this was just one of those sacrifices. However kids are older and its time for me to pick up my sticks once again.

I had freedrum as a present and this guide has helped me get it setup a lot better than the out of the box tutorials.

I have managed to use MT Drummer and iOS Garage Band , latency is not an issue but i’m having a lot of difficulty with the angles for the sticks, to a point where i managed to play a nice funky beat but my arms were contorted to hit the correct drums.

i have reset them many times and sat in the correct positions and followed their tutorials but to no avail.

also having to grip the stick so the sensors are always up seems a hindrance as the balance of the technique wants to draw the sensor - again, something i’ll get used to.


Hello. I can’t achieve ton connect my sensors with reaper. I’m connected to my computer but they doesn’t appear in the software reaper. Any idea?
Thank you


Hi there,
thank you for the guide.
I want setup on my Mac Reaper and Freedrum,
I follow the guide instead but actually i can’t hear nothing.
I supposed that there some mistake in this steps:

If I use the stick i see a red bar on mix that turn up, but i can listen anythings.

Could you help me?

Kind regards.


Hi there.

It looks like you haven’t activated the plugin for producing the drum sound.
I will give you a more detailed reply later when I’m home, but meanwhile check the steps to install the plugin MT Power Drumkit 2 :wink:


Thank your support,
the only step that I haven’t followed was where you suggest to download and install the Korg BLE-MIDI driver, due the fact that Mac has already… rights?

Thank you!!!


I’m really sorry, I haven’t had much time due to private stuff the last days.
Didn’t even play around with Freedrum myself shame

Did you:

  • install the plugin MT Power Drumkit 2
  • choose the plugin for the track your sensors are set up as input device
  • open the plugin and activate it (there is a welcome screen first)

Because if you get a visual feedback when you hit a sensor (the volume of the track going up) but no sound, then it must be either the plugin or your sound output, I’d say.

Can you import some audio file (just drag and drop) into the same reaper project, play it and hear a sound?


May be a basic question but is your drum track armed to record? That may be required to get the sound working.


So, after having success with Studio One I really wanted to have MT Power Drumkit activated, as the Lead Programmer, Mr. Manda, is a personal Friend and we work together on music Projects. It has driven me crazy, but I finally figured it out.
Problem was, that Windows Bluetooth coupled but not activated the FD Sensors.

For whatever reason, Studio one didnt give a rats bum about it, but Reaper did. Now both are working. I like the built-in Soundbanks of Studio one, but to me the MT Kit still has the nicest “solo-Sound”.
Latency is not an issue, drifting is.

Only thing: How do I configure the sensors to give out all “possible” Midi notes. I´ve read something about Android being able to “remap the sensor” but I dont have a single Android device in the house atm…


Android device had “remap the sensor” on a old BETA version, it doenst anymore… I did a post myself talking about it and the Devs kinda ignore what i said and reply the standard “we are working blablabla waiting for apple to blablabla” but as far as I know and saw on the website a mini video showing the new app, our problems will still remain.


Just a small update from my side…

After some busy time due to private stuff I got my hands back on Freedrum BUT disappointedly I still am not able to use them with Windows anymore :confused:

Resetting them doesn’t do anything. After a very short connection it starts blinking blue again. Super sad…


You gotta erase them from your Bluetooth list, and rediscover them. It worked this way for me.
Before that, it worked when I reinstalled KORG BLE right before connecting them.


Are you able to connect after forgetting the device and reconnecting?


I ‘forgot’ the sensors in Windows, resetted the sensors themselves, repeated everything a dozen times… Still they get connected for only a couple of seconds and then lose it again.

@Dherian, haven’t tried to reinstall the KORG driver, gonna try this out later, thanks.


Just start Reaper and it should work. When i connect mine to windows they only appear to be connected for a few seconds and then turn blue but as soon as i start reaper they work and show the correct color.


Has anyone managed to use the ASIO4All drivers plus spotify ( or any other audio program) ?
i have perfect latecy but cant use music from other apps to practice XD


Pro Tip?!?

Download the music and add as track so u play along…