Hardware has headroom to increase sensitivity?


I’m more interested in economizing on the physical energy used while playing than in achieving a realistic drum-playing feel. I guess I’m in the minority here judging from the response to my thread about playing Freedrum without sticks:

For example, I play Zendrums (zendrum.com) with the triggers set at their hottest so that I trigger and get a full range of dynamics with finger taps that range from super light to light. But a Zendrum isn’t nearly as portable as Freedrum.

My question is: can the Freedrum sensors be made hotter so that they play well with a lot less physical energy to actuate them, or are they already optimized to be both sensitive and provide a decent dynamic range? I understand that things like sensitivity and response curves aren’t available via the app (yet?), but before I get into messing with a dev kit, I’d like to get some idea regarding how much flexibility the hardware has to provide a good response when playing with much less movement and energy, which would only vaguely mimic real drumming style.


Yes sure, there are parameters for setting threshold and sensitivity in the sensors, accessible via MIDI. There’s a “MIDI commands” reference for Freedrum here that you could have a look at: Freedrum midi commands


I wish we had an app to control those parameters in a structured way.


Yep, I’m told it’s coming in the Freedrum app but you need to ask @Fredrik when.