Has anyone tried the app Melodics or similar?


Hey guys,
I’d like to know if anyone has tried Freedrum with the app Melodics (or any similar one).

I’d like to learn drums and this could be a good approach for me.
My budget is around 200e for any kind of drums anyway.

As additional info, I already play guitar and I like to use apps like Yousician, Ultimate guitar, Riffstation…so I have already experience with similar approaches.



Hello Jaume,

It works, but unfortunately you can only connect 1 sensor at a time.


Yes, I’ve been using Melodics for about a year now. It’s awesome!! Connecting all four sensors through sensorware on Windows works fine. Sometimes you have to turn the sensors off and back on to resolve latency issues and I’ve changed the MIDI mapping to work better with Melodics. Let me know if you’re interested I’m happy to share the MIDI values I’m using.