Having hard time fine tuning midi recording on android


Hi guys,

Had some issues recently but finally got out of problems after many firmware updates/reinstall of sensorware/disabling bluetooth devices in the house/etc.

Following the tutorials I was able to get all the cool features and play using android + the 4 sensors with Freedrum app.

That said, since I have many issues when ‘switching’ to Windows 10(for midi recording with reaper) / getting back to Android, I decided I will try to record MIDI directly from the app’s sound output on the phone, or with some sort of app from google play store.

After many tests, I am able for example to record a TRUMPET, when I play the sensors.

To do so I had to ‘tweak’ my settings a lot and learn/read here and there on the web. It’s definitely a lot of work.

And its far from perfect.

Just fyi the app I used is this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.volcanomobile.supermidibox&hl=en_US


Long story short, I didn’t find other ways to record and it’s not precise enough, and gets buggy when recording.

Does anyone know how I can record at least just the drum sound in a way it will sound good enough for mixing with other instruments after(for example record to MIDI or at least good quality of mp3 that is close to MIDI)

All I’m trying to do here is RECORD what I do in good quality, and preferably in MIDI so I can share with my band and we can mix some songs :smiley:

Any idea how I could accomplish this simple task? I’ve been looking for ways for weeks :frowning:

Thanks in advance



Thank you for this feedback. For the time being we are not aware of any other apps that can support all 4 sensors and records MIDIon Android.

This app you mentioned you said was able to record. Even if it was trumpet was it able to record what you played correctly? Was it this app that was buggy?





Got it all messed up again, have reset my phone twice but still the issues :confused:

I will try recording my tests and publish the videos here or somewhere so you can see the steps I go through when I get it right… lol

I replied to you in the other thread where you also replied to me(about the rimshot) so we can continue this discussion there? or here. whatever you want :wink:

Thank you