Heel up for hi hat


Can anybody tell me how I perform the hi hit open using the feet sensors in the new app? I dont understand. They are still currently just two base drums for me…


You don’t use the feet sensors , you turn the stick that is used for the hi hat 90° as you bring it down . there are YouTube videos showing how its done , good luck.


Hi Filipio,

If go into the sensorsettings in the new app and set the sensor to a handsensor and then back to foot again. This should enable the hihat lift if it wasn’t set before.


Hi Filipio,

Also further to Fredrik’s suggestion, once the sensor is set correctly (after trying to set as normal, then back to foot) the foot sensor still has 2 positions.
It’s still a second kick drum (White LED), but if you turn your left foot slightly to the left LED will go Yellow, and it is now controlling the hi hats. Foot needs to be in raised position before hitting to hear the continuous open ring sound, which I believe will be improved in later revisions.
If you find you have to turn too far to the left, twist your left foot back further to the right and recalibrate By pressing the button on the sensor.
Hope this helps!


New App? I realize I’m super late on this thread but is there an app I’m unaware of?
Currently using Freedrum App (android)



This does look cool! But will be be able to play to music still on IOS?


Yes, you can just run Spotify, Google music or what ever you want in in the background. Or put our app in the background if you prefer that :slight_smile:


Fantastic :wink: this is great work guys .