Heel Up Orientation


It would be nice to have a switch to toggle between toe or heel up players


Does this help?

Flip the sensor 180 degrees facing the other way and recalibrate by pushing the button once. Voila, heel up… (see video attached)


Also this might help:


ha love it! Are you the one who also came up with the velcro hack? Either way, all of it brilliant. Thanks! Can’t wait to implement.

You guys freedrum rock!



That’s me :slight_smile:


Yes, that would be great!


Still couldn’t get it to work as natural as the real drums heel up playing :slight_smile:
Not sure if it’s really possible to make it work in the sensors itself, but would be so nice if this playstyle will be implemented in the firmware. If the sensor relies only on angle changes, that might be a problem, because with the heel up the sensor in the normal position just moves vertically in the space w/o changing angle. But I dunno, does accelerometer gives any info of how fast sensor moves in the space w/o relying on angles? More a question for developers :slight_smile:


Did you try my method above? Turning the sensor the other way around and pushing the sensor to recalibrate?


Yeah, but I still usually play a bit differently, I’m lifting the foot of the ground and hitting it with the toe, so the angular movement of the sensor is close to zero, and it doesn’t produce the sound in most of the cases. If I put it like in my video, it’s better for me, but then it is very quiet.


Yes I have the exact same issue with my heel technique too. Shame as I basically cannot use the foot pedals.


Yeah, we could try making some kind of fix for this specific playing style, but it’s going to have some latency unfortunately. The way we can reach zero latency on at least some platforms is based on some pretty nasty algorithms that don’t work well on only acceleration.


We could really use this function tho…
I’ve barely been using my Freedrum kit as playing with the toes is just a major pain the the buttocks when playing metal with a double bass-kick…