HELP - First Try


Hi there,

I opened my Freedrum’s box like 1 hour ago and after I followed the instructions of “Freedrum Setup” website I was faced with some issues.

The pads spots is weird. How can I change and callibrate it? Cause I didn`t need to calibrate it when I first time turned it on.

Must I have to always run “Sensorware” and “Freedrum” when I`m playing?

Sorry about the noobies questions but I didn`t find an actual guide for start with FD.



which device do you use for freedrum? Android or ios?

Actually, you have to turn on the sensors and then leave them lying on a flat surface for a few seconds, this will calibrate them first. Then connect the sensors to your device via Bluetooth Setup (not sensorware). Now open the software you want to play with and register the sensors as connected devices. Now you are ready to play.

You can reset the “middle” by clicking the button on the sensor.


… and have a Look at the angular Position-Guide By the freedrum developers in this Forum. This will help you to Unterstand How it works and avoid drifting.


I’m using with newest IOS and with 9.0 FD version.

I tried your way to turn all the things on but always when I try to calibrate the sensors clicking the button on the sensor it fails. When I click it and hit in the same position the app (Garage Band) always reproduce the high tom.

How can I fix it?


Sounds like the sensors are facing the wrong way. Are the sensor buttons/light definitely at the bottom, close to you, facing upwards?
Is the sensor white after you hit the calibrate button? Does it change colour when you twist left or right? Ie afternoon calibration and white represents snare drum, move left say until it turns yellow and this should sound the hihat.
Try taking a short video to help others diagnose or send more details to the support email.



Can you please drop an email to, and we’ll help you sort out the issues from there!