Help me "Hack" FD!


Can anyone help me figure it out how to change the midi signal output from pc?
We have 10 zones currently available on the sensors but…
9 areas works “fine” besides the far left one that has a dead signal on garageband.

Cymbal / Cymbal / Tom 2(WTF) / Ride / Cymbal
Nothing / Hit-Hit / Snare / Floor Tom / Ride

This terrible set up is my default on garageband, BUT on pc using REAPER+DMT i have

Cymbal / Cymbal / Tom 1 / China / Cymbal
Anything / Hit-Hit / Snare / Floor Tom / China

The problem: Every Cymbal has the same MIDI output signal so if I change one of them it changes all of them.
So “I think” that to Fix it is kinda simple if the devs want us to have a better experience using FD.
All we need is a Section on Sensoreware that allow us to change the number signal from each area (like it was on the Android BETA) I feel like you guys took that out cause it probably was causing problems for some “newbies” that doesnt have much experience with such programs/apps but, a simple “RESET TO DEFAULT” button would fix it.

Please consider this idea.



We are working on the custom zones configuration. If you want to “reset” them back to defaults, just open up the production version of Sensorware and set them to right/left handed and then back again.