High Tom, Ride and Open Hi Hat doesn't make sound


Hello! Since the v5 update, the App doesn’t recognize the high Tom. Today I updated to the v6, the high Tom, the ride and the open hihat doesn’t make a sound. Before the v3 inclusive, the App work fine, doesn’t have latency.
My cellphone: Samsung s7 edge Android 7.0


Hello Santiago,

Are you unable to hear these while using the Synth in Sensorware?


I allways use the sensorware synth, but now I can’t use it. The app recognize that im hiting the ride zone for example, but doesn’t make any sound. Its the same with the high tom and the open hihat. I don’t know if someone more has the same or similar problems. Before the v3 inclusive the App works very fine. There is a way to downgrade the versión of my freedrum sensor? Or i like to know if you are work it on it. Thaks for the quick answer!


Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. That way, the synth-samples are deleted and then replaced on your phones internal memory, in case they got corrupted somehow.


I install the App again, restart my Phone and its the same. Still doesn’t work.