How to choose right DAW

Not sure how to pick a DAW that would be suitable to work with Microsoft 10 laptop. There are so many choices to chose that it makes it confusing as to what to pick. Looking for advise…

It’s free and lite but powerful.
Auto midi input sorting for multi bluetooth devices : FD1v801, FD1v802, FD1v803, FD1v804
Other daw like cakewalk requires some registry editing.

Hi David, I am not tech savy, I have downloaded Traction 7, and tried to understand what to do next and I just am not sure what is next. Can u assist me with some easy to understand directions? I can play drums easy but computers are bit out of my comfort zone…Brian.

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I see many of us having a hard time to connect Windows 10 and Freedrum.
It must meet many certain conditions.
The following is the requirement for that.

This is the procedure for that.

This is my freedrum install on Windows 10.

I need 4 separated midi inputs and I don’t like installing another app on my pc either.
So I do not use Sensorware app.
I tested Intel, Broadcom, Atheros bluetooth adapters.

Windows 10 1803 version.
Go to Bluetooth setup.
Turn on your freedrum ones at a time. The rest of 3 must be off. - This is really important!!!
Add Bluetooth device. If FD1 v7 shows up, then select it. If it cannot find a freedrum, try again. Still if not, hold the button till red light comes up and select again. Still if not, do this again. Sometime you have to turn it on and off during the searching. I know it is painful.
After freedrum connected, open “ 9” wih Chrome.
Configure your freedrum as you wish, and save it, and close the Chrome.
Turn off freedrum, and put it aside. - This is really important!!!
Repeat 3-7 to the rest of 3 freedrums.
Install Korg Bluetooth LE driver.
Turn on all 4 of freedrums.
Launch your daw(I tested Reaper and Tracktion7 which are free.)
Go to midi input device list on your daw, and enable them if they are disabled.
In case of changing configuration,

Turn off all 4 of freedrums.
Go to Bluetooth setup and remove all 4 of freedrums from the connected list.
Go to the install process no. 3 above. I know it is painful.
If you make it, pls let me know. I think I have some tips to share with you.

Hi David
Just need some clarification regarding instructions as i said not good with computers.

  1. Should I uninstall senorware app completely as you said not to use it before i start.
  2. Cant quite understand when you say “go to install process no. 3 above” do you mean go to the website link in blue.
    I am appreciating all your help

Thankyou Brian

As I recommend you to do so.
“Go to the install process no. 3 above.” is applied only in case of configuration change.

Hi Dave, after all my frustration i ended up using REAPER and it works quite well. I just could not get Traction 7 going, being my tech inability only,
as i tried several times and got really frustrated. I would like to thank you for your effort and trying to assist me…Brian…

It’s good!
Reaper is excellent choice too.
I’m sorry you could have saved your time without trying Traction 7.
I prefer playing on PC.
It allows Freedrum to be any kinds of instruments.

Hi, sorry. Drummer here NOT computer guy at all…I have been able to get Reaper installed and running with MT Power Drum Kit Plugs installed and working, they sound great…I can get my PC to detect and connect to all 4 sensors no problem, I just canNOT get them to play in Reaper with the drumkit. Is there anyone willing to do a step by step? Just from launching Reaper to playing sounds? I’ve had them for a year now and am stuck playing on Android.


Hi everyone. So I definitely CANNOT have my sensor connected to windows 10 permanenltly without using MIDIBerry app. Just cannot.
If don’t, the sensors only show as paired, but never as connected.
And so the Freedrum Configuration Tool is not detecting any signs at all…