How to connect Sensorware / Freedrum to other apps

Hi everybody,
Can anybody give me a hint how to get Freedrum connected to other apps, other than GarageBand?
I am using an iPhone6 with the latest version of sensorware and firmware.
I have downloaded also Vatanator and DM1 as they were marked as “tested”, but only GarageBand seems to function properly. Unfortunately I have not found a description how to link the latter to sensorware.

or a video tutorial for android apps…G-stomper or so

Why is nobody responding to this? I have the problem that i cannot download GarageBand as I use an Iphone 4s with ios 9.3.5. I wasted days on trying apps and finding a way to use freedrum with my phone. For those who have the same problem, there is a way to connect freedrum to Vatanator SX.

  1. Download Vatanator SX.
  2. Click on OPTIONS.
  3. On the right side click on Bluetooth MIDI con.
  4. Power on the freedrum sensors (Do not connect them to Sensorware, you won’t need it).
  5. You should see the sensors as Not Connected -> Click at it.
  6. You are now connected and should be able to hear sounds when playing.

I haven’t found out yet, how configure different sounds, but I’m pretty sure it is possible.
Hope this helps.

Hello Jonas,

It looks like this one missed our radar. We recommend Garageband as it is the app we know works and has the best compatibility.

As far as the other apps it depends on the app company. We have seen many work, but we can not guarantee as they update apps frequently and things change. For example from the launch of Freedrum to today Apple has released a new OS for iOS and MAC making it more difficult for older devices to work. This is the same case when it comes to Freedrums compatibility.