How to set sensors for heal up bass drumming


Has anyone figured out how to get the sensor(s) to respond when wanting to play the bass drum with heal up?
I’ve watched the video of the guy who placed the sensors on his thighs just above the knee and he seemed to have no issues.
However, when I try this the sensor will not trigger.

Any thoughts, workarounds or suggestions would be appreciated.
Hopefully Freedrum will realize many drummers do not play flat-footed and come up with a sensor that addresses heal up bass drumming.

Clear skies


For me, heel toe technique is so crucial as freedrum is my favorite work out machine these days.
Heel down gives me such a pain on my ankle.
So, I had tried the sensors on thighs, but I can barely hear any bass.
I raised up the sensitivity over 50, but it sounded fluctuating like all or nothing.
I just went back to sensitivity 40 and threshold 10.

I called up a midi plug-in, midiVelocityScale from Pizzmidi on the both of pedal input tracks.
For me, 99 for Velocity1 and offset -20 is the best option.

In addition, I found there is a certain angle of freedrum for the best reception.
Without angle optimization, doubling and missing notes, even delay take place.
So I twisted a rubber band and inserted freedrum into a knot.
It is quite tight enough to play heavy stuff.

After all these efforts, I am so happy that I can play freedrum so long time with a great accuracy and no delay at all.

It is even detachable though looks pretty ugly, and it doesn’t matter to me.


Any more elegant way of heal up kick drum?
I am quite happy with my solution above, but few people said it looks clumsy and hactic.
However, I will never go back to heal down playing.
If someone gives any other way of heal up playing, I will be happy to try on.


Just turn the sensor the other way around (with the light still facing upwards) on your foot and push the button.

Works well I’ve found


yeah you will play heel up, but you are obliged to let your toes on the ground, because you need to create an angle so the sensor react, its really annoying why don’t they just let us choose the velocity ourselves, or just make them work vertically so we can just raise our leg and tap on the ground like a realy double bass pedal… i played that way before and it works fine, but since the new update its not working anymore… i can’t do what @davidjbk did cause i play with my iphone so there is no such app in it…


Hello Tarik,

You can get the same playing style when using Garageband.