[HowTo] Solving Connection Issues on MacOS

Hi Everyone,

I just got an Issue with Connecting the Sensors on MacOS by the MIDI-Setup-Tool:

When i clicked “Connect” on the already known Sensors in the Setup, it showed that establishing the Connection is in Progress, but nothing happened.

Other Devices like my iPhone worked fine, so i updated the Firmware by using the Tutorial of @Fredrik (How to update the firmware - #3 by Fredrik). I got the same Result - No Connection possible on MacOS.

I went over to Reboot the iMac-Device, but this also didn’t solve the Connection-Problem. After this, i looked up the System-Settings of the Bluetooth-Connections and there you go - deleting the known Freedrum-Sensors and Re-Connecting it with MacOS solved the Issue!:


That was so excellent of you to post this, and so clearly too!
I was going through the exact same grief in OSx with 3 sensors pairing perfectly, and the 4th one recognised but with the “connect” doing nothing except saying “connecting” for a few seconds before leaving the false hopes department and returning to display “connect”.

Now it’s solved. Thanks!!!

Hi Kulu, I have the same issue with my new sensors, I cannot connect all 4 only 3. What Mac OS are you on, I’m on Catalina. I tried to follow the solution from Kevin-F but failed. Have you any more detail on how you did it please.


Hi Ian,
I wish I could help, but all I can say is that I followed he advice posted upstream in this thread and it resolved the issue.
I’m on Mojave 10.14.5 (I don’t update on purpose because I have a very intricate show I perform based on this computer, involving 8 different pieces of software working concurrently, and I don’t want any compatibility issues).
Did you try the suggested deletion of the current sensors and reconnecting them, through System-Settings of the Bluetooth-Connections?

Hello Ian,

We had this issue with a customer yesterday. Deleting the sensors information from the Audio MIDI Setup as well as in bluetooth settings and restarting the device fixed it.

Please give that a try and let us know if it helped.

Hi Seyran

The customer was actually me :slight_smile:
What would be useful is if you can post the sequence we went through so others with the same issue know the process how you resolved it. Plus I have had the issue again and it took me a long time to remember the steps you went through.

Thanks for the great support.

Thank you Ian! Will do!