Infinite update with sensoware

how many time do i need to update my sensors? sensorware still continue to notified me a new upgrade even after the upgrade

Hey! Thank you for reaching out to us about this. Can you provide us with a screenshot of the message you receive?

What device are you using with Sensorware and how many sensors you are updating to the latest firmware.

Hello, to out it simply, i’m updating all the four sensors, i open the Sensorware app and select the sensor:

Then i check for updates:

And then i press upgrade:

The upgrade runs normally:

And then the upgrade is ok:

But after i check again for new updates the apps tells me that there is another upgrade:

After i repeat this operation for about 10 Times for each sensor, i don’t think is normal.

Thank you for the update. We will look into this on our end.

After you update the sensor though are you able to play? After it says V9 then you should be fine.