iOS Beta Testers


Hello Freedrummers!

We have some exciting new features coming to Freedrum and need some help from our iOS and MacOS users on Freedrum.

If you are interested please send a email to

Please let it be known that we need users who will test thoroughly and get back to us quickly with feedback. This is a beta testing to better the Freedrum experience and not just for fun.

When you email us please make sure to let us know what device you are using and what OS it is running.

Thank you,



I‘m in - Check your postbox :)))


Me too, just emailed…



Emailed on Friday, but no response so far.
I’m ready to test thoroughly and give quick and detailed feedback, but would be nice to have at least some feedback on emails as well…


Likewise, emailed on Friday


We hope to start testing later this week. If you have no answer yet, you will get one when It’s time to start testing :slight_smile:


Nice @Fredrik

I’m looking forward to it! The only thing that bugs me is trying to figure it out the “new cool features”, what u meant by that?? :smiley:

Keep the great job!


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for the emails. As Fredrik mentioned we will start testing soon.

I just wanted to extend the testers into Apple TV as well for tvOS. If anyone is interested and also has a 4th Gen Apple TV Running tvOS. Please email us as well.

Thank you!


Email sent. Great idea doing an app for the Apple TV as well! Can’t wait to give that a try.


I just wanted to let you know that we have postponed the beta until next week.


Any news on this at 12 days later?


We are working on a few updates before we setup the testing session. We will update everyone once we have a set date to test. Thank you for your patience everyone!



Hi all,

I just want to thank you for your patience and share a quick update on whats going on. The reason we delayed the beta was because we where not happy with some of the features and the performance. We have also added some new features we really thought should go into the first release. Such as controlling the hi hat with the foot pedal and new samples :slight_smile:

I still won’t give you any date, but the app is starting to feel solid and I can promise you that it won’t be too long now.


Awesome, thanks for your Update :heart_eyes:


Hi again all,
Just another quick update.
The beta for Mac OS is ready for testing. However, the new app needs V7 of the firmware, so before we will send out a download link to you testers we will update Sensorware with the latest and greatest firmware. We aim we have this done during this week. The beta for iOS will follow shortly after.


Awesome!!! Can’t wait!


We will be sending out an email today with information on how to download the OSX beta of the app together with some instructions.

The app requires High Sierra and the V7 firmware in order to use the new features for controlling the hi-hat with your foot.
You can update to V7 using the new version of Sensorware that is out in the apple Appstore today. The Android version will be out shortly with the updated firmware.

A big thanks for helping us out! :wink:



Did anyone got an emails?
Just wondering if it’s only me who didn’t


Can you please send me your email in a private message.


I want to test the new app on ios!