iOS Beta Testers



The available testing slots is already filled up. But we are finalising the app for release right now, so you should be able to use it soon anyway.


When is it coming out? Please Fredrik I need to custom my drum set, at least give us on IOS the ability to Re-Map all the MIDI notes… SoCal sucks xD DMT drum kit on PC is better but still I cannot map directly on the VST Plugin cause all my chybals have the same MIDI note output.

Please show me the LIGHT! haha


We are preparing for a release before x-mas. Customising the zones are scheduled to be the next “big” thing we will work on after this release.


Awesome, but I kinda have no idea whats on the new app then xD
does that means i will have no China until the new big update ?
Or the new app will have a better drum kit ?


The new app is a 3D app that contains a brand new Drum kit (including support for hi-hat pedal). In the long run it gives us lots of opportunities to make configuration and switching between kit easy to implement. This will be the first release of many iterations to come! :wink:


Hey @Fredrik, when is the new iOS version to be expected?
I´d like to join BETA if it is out a while still, because I really wanna use it live for streaming on Twitch-Music.
Kind regards.


They said they have already submitted it to the App Store but it’s taking a suspiciously long time.


@Dherian At this moment we do not need any more testers. If we need more, we will let you know! :wink:

@Fillipio99 I agree. It’s taking a really really long time. I have resubmitted the app today with the 1.1 version. Hopefully it will be quick as we are going to the NAMM show next week.


@Fredrik being a tester was just a backup option, if the App does not come “soon”. As it is submitted, chances are, it will be released within the next two weeks. If it passes compatibility checks. fingers crossed

Thing is, I wanted to go on stream during the holidays, having done so in the mean from the Musicstore, with the new Alesis Meshheads, and going to do it together with the "Synth-onie"Orchestra in their Studio, soon.
But the current state makes it merely impossible, although the latency is decent now.

But we´re drifting away… wave after wave… wave after wave… slowly drifting…and it feels like I´m drowning, pulling against the (data)-stream, pulling against the (data)-stream.