Is the Amazon listing legit?


I normally prefer making most of my online ordering on Amazon however the listing I found had only one review which brought some suspicion. I did of course look at the seller and the other items also looked a bit off. The whole thing just seemed sketchy. I just want to know if this is the real Freedrum company and not just a re-seller and whether or not I can order the kit from amazon.


Yes, absolutely! We added it to Amazon recently. It is listed by us! You can see the company is Freedrum. :slight_smile:


Really? it is unbelievable that after 7 days there is no answer to such an important question. you are not replying to emails and you are not replying here on the forum but the sales channels are open, this is not very serious!

Also on amazon it is more expensive, why?


We are answering emails. The post we replied to above was put into a spam folder because it had an outside link. Most are treated like spam and this one went through the cracks unfortunately.

Sales channels are always open and actually need no maitenance to be honest. It is cheaper on Amazon at the moment so I have no idea what you are talking about. It is $30-$40 cheaper depending on the kit you order.