Is there an option to buy just 1 sensor?


The sensors I have work fine, but I’m using them in a live performance setting, and am always wary that just before the show one of them will refuse to connect or something. So I just need one more as a spare sitting on the side.
I didn’t see this as an option in the store.
Of course I could always buy the full starter kit, but that would be overkill and also being overseas means redundant shipping of sticks and such.


Hey Kulu,

We only sell the starter and complete kits right now. Send me a email at seyran@ freedrum. rocks so I can better assist you. :slight_smile:


Would love to hear how you are using free drum in live setting. I have a spare set that I carry with me in case something goes wrong!


My show revolves around using stuff not for the functions it was designed to do, so it’s not so easy to explain. I’m definitely no drummer…
The FreeDrums specifically I use in order to convert a couple of radio-controlled LED rods into “magic wands” enabling me to control light fixtures, video projection and music, all simultaneously, depending on how I wave the rods about and juggle them. This is coupled with foot controlled loop stations that can handle not only sound but also light and video input, and enabling me to loop everything and build layers of lights, video and music as I move about.

The full show is 65 minutes long, and the FreeDrum part is just 4 minutes from that - I have lots of other sensors, wearable computers, weird MIDI instruments etc.

You can check it out here online - (I have some videos there as well, which might give a better idea), or if you’re around Spain and Italy this summer, that’s where I’m currently touring.
Actually later this week I’m playing the amazing Teatro Español in Madrid -
so if anyone from here is from the area - drop me a note and I’ll try to arrange “boletos de invitación” :slight_smile:


We sent you a private message. :slight_smile: