Latency problem


Hi I’m trying to use these in a live performance scenario. But I’m getting latency that’s not useable In a live performance I can’t see anywhere to adjust latency setting on my iPhone X or the Freedrum apps. Any one got any ideas.


What is your full setup? Is the latency through a wired connection to a speaker?
Or simply through your phone first and not even through PA yet. Could be firmware of sensors need to be updated to latest firmware through Sensorware. Or OS on phone. Could be many things.

Suggest posting more details with any problems you’re having in order for others to help.

Through speaker for example I found UEBoom and my new Bose S1 Pro, when wired to aux input had no delay. However the UE Megaboom did have a delay though aux input. Ie speaker dependant.


It depends on the distance from the device, how you are connecting etc. What is your exact setup?


I have an iPhone 6, latest OS. There is Latency. It is very apparent if you play the sticks on a rubber pad, or use a Kick pedal and pad. OK with mesh heads, musicians adapt to small amounts of latency. As this is an audible flam, I am guessing it has to be over 20mS.