Left areas by using GarageBand-studio/rock Kit


Hi everyone,

when i use GarageBand 2.2.2 on iOS 10.3.3 and Chose an other Kit as the “SoCal”-Kit (e.g. Studio Kit it Rock Kit), i have left the high-Tom, Crash, cymbal and hihat.

My Sensorware App is at Version 1.1 and my devices are at v3. I also already followed the setup-steps in the freedrum Homepage.

Does someone have similar issues or suggestions How to fix it?

Thanks all.


I experienced the exact same problem, even on older versions of GarageBand.

Just go with the SoCal Drumkit, it’s actually pretty fine, soundwise.
Or at least you’ll get used to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, mate and yes, SoCal is fine, but in the future, i want to try other sounds, so it would be nice if it’s fixed sometime.

Do you got experience with other tested apps like DM1?

On the homepage, they told it is approved, but I got similar issues there.


Unfortunately I didn’t try other apps on iOS, but my plan for the long run is to use proper drum software on Mac anyways.

For mobile devices the developer is working on own apps, so you won’t rely on third-party apps like GarageBand anymore :wink:


Nice - sounds really good. If stable, I will probably use windows for long runs :wink:


this is the common problem mostly people can face this problem you can resloving these issues by generating loops in garageband.
As garageband is the best music composing app it is highly recommended for ipad and iphones.