Live Play At A Gig?

Just wanted to know if anyone has used these to play at a live gig? I play Drums , congas, bongos, and a cajon at different times at restauranst and clubs to break it up a bit. I have ordered the kit but just wanted to hear of anyone actually using it at a gig, even if only for a small bracket on the night. I do realise this is on its early days of getting it fully functional , its an interesting novelty…



Yes, absolutely. We have used it for live performances to demo a few events from Startup events in front of a large audience to performances at conventions and trade shows.

We will be demoing the product at NAMMSHOW 2019 all this week. :slight_smile:


Please upload new videos to YouTube about the live demos! :slight_smile: I’m still struggling with the drifting & recalibrating, though I pay attention to angles and wrist technique…

Lots of people have posted on YouTube and Insta.
Here’s a few old ones from Freedrum,

or check their channel if you haven’t seen

Here’s another user with very precise technique
And keeps to the correct angles: