MIDI Mapping PowerKitDrum 2

Hello, I’m very new to this subject, I’d like to know how I can map in this program.


First you need to connect the sensors to your computer.

Once they are connecting you choose the snare in MAIN section and then hit where the snare should be using the sensor and it will set it.

You just repeat the same steps for the rest of the drums.

Deyran, thank you.

But how can i map the hithat pressure pedal? Like Freedrum app.

Do you mean the opening and closing of the hi-hat? This can only be achieved through our Freedrum App. Since we are in full control of how the sensor behaves we can add this feature. Unfortunately, not for other programs or apps.

When can we change and have more control over the drum sounds via Freedrum App? Any updates soon?

Thank you.

This may not help you, but I have been able to connect the hihat pedal position function in DrumPerfect Pro. I used MidiFlow to scale the value, since CC04 seems to max out at about 20 from the sensor. I don’t know PowerKit drum app, but maybe it has a similar function. Freedrum uses CC04 to send the angle of the hihat sensor.