Mixing itunes & Garage Band live


HI I use Garage Band on ipad or iphone as sound engine and would like to play along to itunes or spotify songs. In order to hear better what I play I would like to reduce the volume of itunes or spotify why I play in Garage Band. I do not record! I just listen to the music and drum in Garage Band. ANy Idea how I could reduce the volume or Itunes and without lowering the drum sounds in garage band whil live playing?


You can always create a project in GarageBand with drums and audio and add your own audio directly though iTunes on your phone. Here you can adjust the audio levels for both the audio and the drums separately. Meaning you can make your freedrums loud enough to hear them over the music. I have made a short video to show you step by step how to do it… I think if you turn the drums up loud enough, it ‘may’ be enough to over power your Spotify music also.

Note: the only reason I hit record in this video is to get to the menu to add the audio, you will see me instantly delete the recording once i’m In the menu I want to be in.

Any questions, just ask, but I recommend following the YouTube video to a tee until you get the hang of it.

Changing volume

Thank a ton for this video. But I thought I could avoid loading a wav file into garageband. I just would like to play along …


To reduce the volume of iTunes or Spotify, here I recommend you can convert Spotify music to the 1 channel with the Spotify Music Converter for Windows. It can keep the original audio quality and convert Spotify tracks to the 1 channel, then the playback volume will be reduced when you playing.


For this issue, I would like to suggest you to use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to help you reduce the volume of Spotify music. It can convert Spotify music with lossless audio quality so you can have a try of it.