MY freedrum kit is not working!


One of my freedrumkit devices is working incorrectly.
When I turn on the device, it works fine, but then suddenly a red light appears and then it can not be connected.
The same symptom occurs when connecting the Bluetooth.
How can I solve problem?
I think the software is mixed.
I checked with the latest laptop, but the problem still can not be solved.
Even if you press for 10 seconds, the symptoms are the same.
Please~~ reply as soon as possible~~~!!!.

rack device1
rack device2


Big welcome, my Korean bro~
When I connect freedrum to one of 10 year old pc, I have the same symptom.
I remove all of 4 connections, and reconnect 1 by 1 all over again.
Sometime it works. Sometime doesn’t. Some of them work, Some of them don’t.
It is pretty annoying and painful.
Oddly with new pcs, they just work fine.
I tested it on 5 pcs with i-note BU-4096 broadcom 20702.A0 Bluetooth adapter.
Old pcs have also a problem with wake-up from the restart, but new machines don’t.
How about trying another pc, a relatively newer one?
I can see your Windows laptop. Is the latency acceptable with the other 3 working ones?
Anyway, bluetooth LE technology itself has various compatibility issues.
I hope to see you playing freedrum on your busking somewhere and someday.


Thanks for your reply.
However, the problem still can not be solved. I did not feel well when I pressed the device for 10 seconds while the device was turned off.
For reference, the computer is a Samsung Odyssey notebook manufactured in 2017. It does not seem to be a computer problem.
Please attach a video address for reference.



Holding down the button for 10seconds sets the Sensor in boot loader mode. If you start Sensorware on your iOS or Android phone you are then able to force update the firmware.

If that doesn’t work, please send an email to and we will help you from there.
Also, you are holding the Sensor upside-down :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.
I will contact soon…


This is my freedrum install on Windows 10.

I need 4 separated midi inputs and I don’t like installing another app on my pc either.
So I do not use Sensorware app.
I tested Intel, Broadcom, Atheros bluetooth adapters.

  1. Windows 10 1803 version.
  2. Go to Bluetooth setup.
  3. Turn on your freedrum ones at a time. The rest of 3 must be off. - This is really important!!!
  4. Add Bluetooth device. If FD1 v7 shows up, then select it. If it cannot find a freedrum, try again. Still if not, hold the button till red light comes up and select again. Still if not, do this again. Sometime you have to turn it on and off during the searching. I know it is painful.
  5. After freedrum connected, open “” wih Chrome.
  6. Configure your freedrum as you wish, and save it, and close the Chrome.
  7. Turn off freedrum, and put it aside. - This is really important!!!
  8. Repeat 3-7 to the rest of 3 freedrums.
  9. Install Korg Bluetooth LE driver.
  10. Turn on all 4 of freedrums.
  11. Launch your daw(I tested Reaper and Tracktion7 which are free.)
  12. Go to midi input device list on your daw, and enable them if they are disabled.

In case of changing configuration,

  1. Turn off all 4 of freedrums.
  2. Go to Bluetooth setup and remove all 4 of freedrums from the connected list.
  3. Go to the install process no. 3 above. I know it is painful.

If you make it, pls let me know. I think I have some tips to share with you.


I’m glad somebody is using this tool :smiley:


I am so grateful for what you did, Asgvard.
Yours is the only one that enables 10 zones and allows many different ways of use.
I tried freedrum as a set of 1 octave timpani and a couple of china cymbals with 10 zones, and it worked great.
Though there needs some tricks to come and go between my phone(6 zones) and pc, I strongly recommend 10 zone setting which can maximize the potential of freedrum.


how about a dumbed down tutorial for us drummers who can barely install all these programs on our own!


hey i am a newbie to forums. don’t know where to cut in. NEED HELP . i have been freedrumming happily along till now. the old app was used just as is since it all began . now new app /sensorware can’t get my bassdrum to work nor hi-hat click. i have spent endless time rebooting. redownloading. diff phone etc but no go. it just reads stick configz i compromised with mapping out kit to get floortom as kick via foot sensors so i gotta bonham bassdrum sorta. can’t get tick box part of screen to react. the lag seems all gone for toms cymbals etc so i am still super positive about it. i use the android app. hoping someone out there can help this dumb aussie.