My FreeDrum kit not work properly


sorry for my english, I’ve received the kit yesterday, i’ve tried to write at support@ but i havent response.

i’ve installed the APP on my IPAD but i can’t set the sensors to work properly (with Garage Band continue to play wrong sound)

i’ve tryed to calibrate more time the sensors following your instruction on the web site but dont work well.

How can I do? Really it is not usable…

thank you

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Can you please elaborate what toy mean about playing the wrong sound ?

not calibrate, one sensor make random sound, another only pedal sound, ecc

every time i turn off and on and try to set the result is similar (or random sound or not in righ position, ecc ecc)

You need to set the one sounding like a foot pedal to hand unit in Sensorware. And you also need to use and mount the sensor in the right direction. Please take a look at the tutorials. :slight_smile:

i’ve a kit with 4 sensor (the pedal unit work fine) but the 2 on the stick not

and the sensors are in the right direction

for example at the same position one sensor sound tamburin and anothe one floor tom or pedal sound

What kit are you using in garageband ?


Here maybe an idea what your problem might be:
Have you installed the sensors correctly? The LEDs must point towards your hands.

Here is the related post:

yes the sensors pointing is right, i’ve tried with several kit in garage band but the result is the same

The socal kit should be your first choice. This works best, but under macOS all kits in GarageBand work as they should.

Have you ever tried exchanging the foot sensors and the sensors on the sticks with each other?

If the behaviour is different, try resetting the affected sensors (keep the LED buttons pressed all the time until they light up red and then go out).

Do you have the opportunity to test and understand the behaviour on different devices?

i’ve inverted the sensors and now work better, not perfect yet…

drum elements are still too close and sometimes confused

Do you use firmware V7? Yesterday an update was released which fixes the described issue.

Hi, I have the same problem as described by the TS. I received my 4 sensor kit two days ago and I can’t seem to get the two sticks to play the sounds I want. As if the drums are too close to each other.
Trying to hit the snare means I have to hit really close to not hit the top tom. And the hihat is like right underneath the crash cymbal, which means I constantly hit the crash…

I read in the FAQ that you’re not supposed to play to hard, but that if very difficult when playing along with metal music! I would love the areas to be further from each other because I like to swing my sticks around like tennis rackets!

Is this new V7 firmware available to everyone? I checked for update yesterday, but my sensors where up to date.



Thank you for the detailed description. Sensorware with firmware V7 is available for iOS. If your app isn’t up to date, or if your app isn’t up to date. If it does not update itself automatically, try to delete it and then download it again.

If you are an android user and V7 should not be available there yet (I can’t tell you anything about it, because I don’t use android), then try to play the hihat and snare in a -10 degree angle. This is a potential workaround until the new firmware is available for you.

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Thanks, I updated the sensors by removing the app from my iphone and reinstalling them. It now says V7 in sensorware. With the phone running low on battery I only could test for a short while, but I still have the feeling of the drums getting moved while playing.

As I am a lefty I automatically put the sensors on lefthand mode when first trying the kit. This time I left it on default right hand mode. It started off great! I had the initial idea that the update had worked well, but only for a few minutes. After trying to reset the sensors by pressing the buttons ones, I also tried turning them off and on again to get the initial feeling back right ater the update. It resulted in the snare and crash nowhere to be found, and the hihat only responded half the time. No mather how carefully I drummed.

So, I’m thinking my drumming messes up the placement of the drums?

Are you following the Guide shown below?

The angular positions are important to avoid drifting.

Yeah, I saw this guide and these are pretty much the directions I am hitting at with the sticks, but I tend to have a bigger drum set than that sheet of paper.
Snare is infront of me, hihat is on my left and floor tom on my right, at about 50deg angles…

I will give it another go tomorrow.

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Hi.I have galaxy note4.have dowloaded sensorware.
And updated .the one left hand sticks can hear sound the snare only.the others(Tom)can not hear.and the other one stick have downloaded.
But can not hear the snare sound as like the first one stick.whats wrong with that.
Want to know your reply.

Hello Chris,

You should look at the suggestions in this thread:

Did you also check if bugs are known for the Galaxy Note 4?

did you ever solve this? Its now 4 years after your post, and I am having the same problem. If I hit the snare most of the time it plays the hight tom. If I bend over and play very very close to the ground, the snare works great. But I can not keep bending over to hit the snare and hi hat, and then sit up to play the toms…

Im on the v9 update. Any help from anyone at all would be great.