New app timeline?


Coming also for Android soon? :slight_smile:


While the apps has been approved, we still have logistics to finish up, such as tutorials, web pages and some other details. So we have scheduled the release for Monday (in case of critical fixes, we don’t want to have a weekend the day after the release). However, as you may understand, this could be changed if needed.

The app will require you to update the sensors to v9 using Sensorware (which also has been updated for iOS and Android. Windows version will also get a version bump)

The app runs on Mac, iOS and Android. :slight_smile:



very lovely to hear that, thanks for the reply :blush:


Take your time, we can wait… :slight_smile:


As always with development there is some small things that pops up and needs to be fixed before a release can happen. We are still aiming for a release this week, but it will probably take a few more days before we can press the big red launch button.

Thanks for understanding! :slight_smile:


Hi team,

I really can’t wait and look forward to the app. Meanwhile I click 5x daily update in the AppStore to see if the update is online :joy::joy::joy:


We promise you all will be the first to know when we do go live!


:heart_eyes: yeahi, awesome.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


We are all very impatient :wink:

I am looking forward to testing the new app ! All the new features looks great :+1:


… and the updates for Sensorware and Freedrum is now out in the wild :slight_smile: Keep in mind that it can take up to 24h until it’s available on your specific device.

Please remember that you need to update the firmware using Sensorware before you use can fully use the new version of the app.

Apps updated:
Sensorware for Android
Sensorware for iOS
Sensorware for Windows
Freedrum for Android
Freedrum for iOS

Have fun, enjoy and please don’t forget to report bugs and suggestions. Oh, and if there’s anything you like about it. Please let both us, and others know! :slight_smile:


Yeeaahh!!! :slight_smile:
Already updated the apps, will update the sensors tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Still waiting here in the US, though I know it will be worth it! Is it wrong that I keep checking the App Store every 10 minutes???


Sensors updated OK to v9, first one took 4-5 minutes, the others under a minute. :slight_smile:

I connected and set up the sensors and all the pads easily. :slight_smile: Nice job with the new app!!! I will post further thoughts later…


The new app looks great–congrats! Quick question: are the MIDI commands the same as in previous firmware?


Well. Yes and no. We have been doing lots of changes to the configuration. All config is now done using sysex rather than cc.


Hmm. Not some thing I’ve seen. It’s still open even though you closed it with you foot?


I take it back! :slight_smile: Today it’s all OK with the hi-hat. :slight_smile: Maybe it needed a restart only…

I will collect my thoughts, ideas & suggestions, and will share soon. :slight_smile:


Hmmmm. I was able to assign new notes to zones by sending CC values per the existing documentation on MIDI commands. When will you publish new documentation regarding sysex?

Also, is it still true that the sensors have no concept of their orientation in space? Just wondering if angle still determines zone.


Great, thanks! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.


Great! Just let us know what you think when you do give it a try.