New update, when may we expect it?


When can we expect a new update?


We will release a new update when we feel it’s ready for the public. :slight_smile:


Update of what (firmware, app, etc)? And solving which particular issue please?


Maybe I misinterpreted the post by Philip, but I refer to this section in his post:

What’s Coming in October?

Our very own cross-platform application for both configuring and playing Freedrum
Open and close the hi-hat using your foot sensor
Change the name of your individual Freedrum sensors
And many more updates!


No, that’s right. The release of that app is a little delayed but it’s due any day now.


@august the wait is killing me, can u tell us if with the new cross-plat app we will be able to set up our drumkit?
Its so frustrating to play with only 1 Crash on Grageband…


We are in the testing phase right now with beta testers being added soon. Once we have worked that all out we will release. :slight_smile:


Any news on this update yet? We all can’t wait :slight_smile:


Any one there?

Was curious if anyone knows what’s happening with the new Sensorware. And when the drifting is gonna stop in an update???



We are currently still waiting for Apple to accept them to the Appstore. We submitted the apps before x-mas. My best guess is that they have lots of apps to review.


This is an awful long time for Apple to authorise the app. Have you chased this up with apple? I recently submitted an app myself on jan 5th (I’m an iOS developer) and it’s already on the App Store?


I resubmitted the app today with a new version. Hopefully it will be quick. I have no clue why it’s taking so long. It’s been in “In Review” since before x-mas.


This is great news. Very excited. Be honest though, do you ever think you will be able to stop the drifting issues that so many people are talking about (including myself).


We are taking the drifting issue very seriously, and we are working to fix it. Unfortunately I cannot give you a date for when it’s done :slight_smile:


As a former professional drifter, I can only insist, you take it seriously… those cars are hard to control! :sunglasses:

But seriously, right now, this is the only issue that´s really, really keeping me from using FD more often than just a couple minutes every now and then…


I totally agree, rather than playing for a good session of half an hour. I’m reduced to about 5 minutes until I give up from recallibrating them too much. It gets boring :frowning:

I appreciate everything freedrum are doing to make the experience better, but this has got to be a priority now. It could seriously effect future sales if word got out about the serious drift issue.


As Fredrik mentioned we are taking it very seriously and we are in the process of expanding the team as we speak.

2018 is going to be an exciting year thanks to our active community giving us the feedback we need to improve and update.


More on the update coming Monday! :slight_smile:


AMazing news :slight_smile:


Well done guys! You must be excited for 2018, as am I to test the new app. Sure it will be a big year for you.
Good luck at NAMM!