New user, few questions


I had a few questions about using the sensorware via android.

First off all, it seems that each time I open the app, a drum disappears from the top rack, and I find myself having to reconfigure the top row. Is this a common issue or something specific with my phone/setup?

Second, I noticed a hint of latency when playing out to a speaker via a direct aux cable. Is this generally less supported or is there something I can do to help with this?

Lastly, any tips for seating position / chair to make angles and playing fluid?

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phone: Moto G6, Android 9

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Hey Keepitok,

I’m an iPhone XR Freedrum user, predominantly with Garageband, so other Adroid users may have more specific responses to your questions.

Firstly, assume you’ve found the guides and videos on their website and gone through in details?

  1. sounds like maybe you’re not saving the last configuration properly. Ie when you add the drums are you definitely clicking the tick box to save the configuration? Or something else strange going on, try reinstalling the program if you can’t find solution.

  2. I did notice a few slight anomalies when using the larger lightning to 3.5mm adapter but the basic version showed no latency. Ie the electronics in the adapter seemed to affect the signal slightly, with very slight introduction of latency.
    Also noticed a larger UEBoom I’d borrowed had some slight latency, whereas the normal size UE or my Bose S1 Bro via 3.5mm input or QC35 headphones work great with no latency.
    Therefore, given your phone has 3.5mm output, it could be something in your phone audio driver, or based on my comments above, maybe your speaker. Try a few others speakers and make sure it’s a dumb cable.

  3. a drum stool will help slightly, as the height for me is better than most normal chairs or couches are often too low. The main thing to get your head around and will drastically reduce drift, is really understanding the relative angles. There are a few video guides on their website; but I would start at a comfortable angle (they suggest straight ahead, but tips slightly in works for me) calibrate and play the snare.
    Then stay on the bottom layer and work your way around the kit very slowly left and right, paying close attention to the angle where the LEDs in the sensors change colour. This is the drum edge or between the 2 drums. Then make sure you are hitting at an angle half way between these angle, ie the middle of the drum.
    Do the same in an up/down direction, ie hit above where it changes colour as you lift the stick. Then across the top layer left to right.
    Once you understand how the sensors are working, you can keep within the correct zones, drift will be negligible and you will start to play more naturally.

Here is an old guide.

Keeping in mind the angles will change as you add /delete more drums.
I’d stick to a 6 piece. Otherwise gets quite tricky and needs more practice.
Crash, high Tom , mid Tom , ride (Cow bell left twist)
Hihat (hat open left twist), snare (rim shot left twist), low Tom
Base, base

Good luck.

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Hey and welcome to Freedrum!

Our amazing Freedrummer Robin is the best when it comes to this. He has beautifully explained the points you brought up and we recommend taking the steps he laid out on the latency, playing style, and saving of your configuration.

We wanted to also point out that we use JUCE for audio within our Freedrum app. They have a great list of devices’ audio latency to give you an idea if it could be the device you are using. We recommend testing latency when you are using just the phone’s speakers and then with a cable and see if you have a difference. That will let you know if it’s the cable, speaker, or phone.

Here is the link for reference.

Thanks @Robin_Stephenson! :metal: You are a legend.

I got a drum throne/ seat works great

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