Next virtual dum kit Freedrum 2

when your next virtual dum kit Freedrum 2 is available ?

Details are in the Kickstarter campaign. They’re targeting August next year (2021).

the current Freedom 1 will be update with the new software ?

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Yup, same sentiments exactly. Had been waiting for upgrading…

FAQ in Campaign:
They’re aiming to have V1 hardware compatible on V2 software when it is launched, with a few hardware limitations.

I don’t understand, is there v2 hardware that will only work with the new software? I suppose its not going to be on pc of course :confused: lol

Just curious, hope they release a beta soon :wink:

Thanks for the info!

Details on the campaign and FAQ. Check out Kickstarter website for details.


We are working to see if we can move all users to one unified app.

Thanks @Robin_Stephenson

We are looking to have something for users to play around and test soon! :slight_smile: