No sound. What's wrong?


Device: LG G4
OS: Android 6.0
API: 23
Sensorware: Beta 8
Firmware: v5
Problem Description:
All sensors get connected inside sensorware, but there is no sound and I dont get a red note symbol beside the sensors. All volume settings are set to maximum.
I tried to use gstomper, but I dont know how to set it up. The web tutorial for using it with freedrum isnt reachable anymore. ( As it`s said in the newest description on “how to run freedrum on android”. There should be sound without using gstomper.

So, maybe the main problem is a hardware compability problem?
Please help!


I have the exact same problem.
I’m on LG G4 / Android 6.0 / API 23 / Sensorware Beta 8 and Firmware v5.
I can connect my sensors in sensorware, but I don’t have any sound nor red note.
When I tried with G-Stomper, I had the MIDI pairing notification, so it detected the sensors. But when I had to assign a movement to a note nothing happened, as if it wasn’t detecting that I was waving the stick in the air.

Now, I tried to make it work on a friend’s iPhone, and everything went perfectly. I had the red note and perfect reactivity in GarageBand.
So it seems that there is a problem with the LG G4. I hope it can be solved with an app / firmware update.

As Kolja_Gruss said, please help!



I have the exactly same problems. In the Sensorware app it’s says “Connected” but the LED it’s blue (when I paired it with the Bluetooth it turns green, but after a few seconds becomes blue again), I never get the red symbol and any sound. I’ve tried this with the firmware v3 and v5. I’m using a Motorola G2 with Androird 6.0.


Same here. LG G4. the sensors connect to the phone but continue blinking blue
Occasionally I am getting sounds from a single sensor but it doesn’t last

Very very disappointed


Hi all!

I have the same problem with my LG G4. No problems for pairing but no sound and I never see the red note symbol beside each sensor. Any solution? Change my cellphone just fir use my Freedrum is a pain