No Sound with iPad iOS11.3.1


Received my free drums full kit. Connected and paired the sensors but getting no sound with any of them. There is no problem with audio with my iPad. Can you help please.


Please reply asap developers or this gimmick product will be returned and I will expect a full refund.


Easy, easy, calm your horses.
First: Have you downloaded the app?
I mean both of them, as the new one does not update the sensors.

If yes, do they connect?
If yes, does the app show sensor activity?
If yes, do the sensors change colour?
If yes, go to Garageband and try the basic drum set. (I think that’s SoCal).

If no, try the Freedrum app, new one.

If both work, you have to adjust your midi in other apps to show the right notes.
If not, try updating the sensors and donut all other again.

But you could have read all of this easily in the forums, without threatening a refund. Which, honestly wouldn’t concern me, as a dev, with a loyal user base.

As a user, i am aware, that this is a kickstarter product and will solidify its usefulness with upcoming updates.