[Ongoing] Additional "hit" areas



first of all, THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT !! :slight_smile: I really like it and linked with Superior Drummer 2, it is really great.

Here are my suggestions, mainy useful when using VST like SD2, where one can assign different drum sounds to different “hit” areas of sensors:

  1. Snare position - tilt left and right
  • I would assign it to Ruffs and Rim shots (e.g. left hand “tilt right” is Ruffs and right hand “tilt left” is rim shot

I tried this in SD2, when I replaced high tom hit area with Ruffs. It was really fun! :slight_smile:

  1. Hi-tom position - tilt left and right
  • left hand “Normal” position -> high tom 1
  • left hand “tilt right” position -> high tom 2
  • right hand “normal” position -> high tom 2
  • right hand “tilt left” position -> high tom 1
    Now we could play with both hands on either tom 1 or tom 2
    Similar logic could be used for floor tom
  1. Ride - bell
  • already suggested -> tilt left to hit the bell

Keep up the good work.



Hi! Nice ideas.

In general they’re already working and experimenting with additional twist actions, such as rimshots and the ride bell.
My guess is that this will come in future updates quite soon, as it works very well and makes sense.

I don’t agree with your idea of high tom twists though :slight_smile:
It would make things far more complicated (just feels little bit different from the other twist actions, you know?) AND in the current beta firmware there’s a third tom implemented already.

Which also works well, some possible improvements still in mind…
So either way, more toms are surely about to come and in my opinion they should be based on an additional hitzone instead of twist movements :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex,

I saw your video, where you apparently use current beta with 3rd tom, and it seems to work great :slight_smile:
It is definitely better than twist action.


It does work good, not 100% great yet, but it can just become better :wink:

Let’s see what the Devs will finally do!


It works great compared to me playing on pillows weeks before my FD arrived :smiley: :smiley:


But together with the twist action (to the left and to the right) and the 7 hit areas you could play up to 21 instruments (plus the foot sensors) :sunglasses: :yum:


Custom hitareas is definitely something that is coming in the not too far future.


I love these little hints what else awaits us: > I am full of anticipation :metal:t2:


Would it be possible to add an addition hit area for the mid tom? for my real set up i have the hi,mid and floor tom. not having the mid tome at the moment is driving me nuts. i’m using garage band on the ipad to practice


We will be starting the work on custom zones early next year :wink:


ah great!! please fix the drifting as well. Freedrum cant last 30 sec on a 60bpm drum set warm up. Just doing simple doubles. always run about 20-25 sec in. the only thing the works perfectly are the foot pedals


Please take a look at this @Charlotte. It will help you with the drifting (takes some practice though :wink: )


i’ve seen that. i’ve even placed rubber pads so i have a visual of where to hit. it still shifts


I did it too and I have exactly the same issue over and over.


@Charlotte, @Hadou600
I have this too, but find it’s more on one hand than the other. When I looked closely at my technique, the stick in the hand that was not shifting was going up and down pretty precisely, but the hand with the problem I noticed if I watched the stick tip, it sort of went round in a vertical loop slightly to each side as well as up and down, rather than purely up and down in the same vertical plane like a straight line. I don’t know if this was causing the drift, and I haven’t yet been able to find a way of altering my technique to make it more purely up and down, but I wondered if that’s worth having a look at if you’re having this problem.

To be honest I’d hope you both say that you’re technique is so good that your stick tips just move purely up and down so the drifting problem isn’t necessarily me! :grin:

Be interested to hear what you think.