[Ongoing] Android 10 Crashing Bug


We are aware of a bug that occurs after updating to Android 10. The Freedrum app will crash on startup.

This was also brought to us by another user so we are reporting it as a bug at this time. We are unaware of the exact issue causing it, but we are looking into it. If you are an Android user and still haven’t updated to Android 10 we recommend not updating until we figure this out.

If you want to use Freedrum and are willing to downgrade to Android 9.0 Lifehacker has a great article on how to do so. Follow the link below:

We will update in this forum post once we have more information.



Thanks for the follow-up on the issue.
Just dropping an answer in case someone would need extra-help about reverting to official Google Pixel ROM with Android 9.

It can be hard including with this tutorial, especially if you come from a non-official-ROM :slightly_smiling_face:

So, if anyone with a Google phone (only one impacted by Android 10 so far), I’ll be glad to help.



We released an update to the google play store. Are you able to see any change with Android 10 now?


As of right now a live version is on the Google Play Store that does not crash when using Android 10. We are currently in the testing for Sensorware as well. We will keep everyone posted.


Can I ask you what the problem was? I made an app that uses a bluetooth accessory and it also crashes on Android 10. Was the problem bluetooth related?