[Ongoing] Custom drum set


Would it be possible now that the freedrum app is no longer tied to another app (as far as I understand with the latest update) to have options to create our own drumkit and somehow let each sensor know where each piece of the kit is and what it is supposed to be.
I.e. press calibrate, have a few seconds to play at a specific position around me and a specific angle, then get status “new piece of kit found”, then be prompted to set what type of drum this is going to be?

I don’t think that this is something easy to do and it is possible that you guys already have this in mind, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.



Is it just my opinion or does the open hihat sounds like a ride?

And maybe you are already working on this, but for those with foot sensors, the “openness” of the hihat sound should be controlled by the corresponding foot sensor.


Oops. Couldn’t figure out how to delete. Posted elsewhere.


I too have that feeling. According to the manual the open highhat is not controlled with the foot, but by twisting the stick to the left. However, a twisted stick on the crash sounds like a ride. My problem right now is that it’s way too easy to confuse both since the only thing separating them is the angle of the stick. That’s why I decided to bring up the question of spatial awareness of the sensirs instead of angle-awereness.