[Ongoing] Drifting on drumsticks? Any workaround?


Hi, been using freedrum for somewhile, and I believe it is an amazing breakthrough!

However, keeping aside latency and other issues, I have been facing a different issue. Seems like everytime I calibrate the drumsticks and start playing , the reference angle and positioning changes depending on my resting arm position. To put it in a different way, ideally it should react based on the angular positions and plane. But after a while of playing where the snare should be located turns into ride. so, essentially needing to recalibrate again and play more consciously with minimal spatial change.

A point to devs, I think if the sensors be aligned with the foot sensors so that they remember their relative angle and position it would prevent that. Since the foot sensors are almost fixed in their position.

just my thoughts.

Freedrum vs Senstroke and Android compatibility

I agree with djentleman, I 've had the same problem with my sensors, and I regularly need to reset them.
The idea of comparing to foot sensor position is interesting :grin:


Same problem here. I hope that the new V8 will fix that.


I just wrote a lengthy post about it, and how it makes practicing rudiments impossible.
I -literally- spent 5 hours of nighttime trying to do rolls, diddles and flams in all their variety.

To no avail. After the n-th hit, it just switches to a tom, both hands. Now that is odd, because, while one hand “relatively seen” might angle to the 50°, the other hand “relatively seen” stays straight, always. So my one hand´s forward will always be forward, while the other one might be recognized as “skewed in”.

So after doing a speed increasing clicked round of three (Single stroke, Double stroke roll, Paradiddle) for like ten times, It literally randomly changed, when it switched.

As Rudiment routines like these are usually pretty steady in technique, you won´t change your stick position a lot, once you´ve hit the sweet spot. So there should be no drifting at all.

Simple solution would be just turning the auto-adjustment off, but you can´t do that.

The other solution mentioned, would be cool, too.
Just align it with the foot-pedals, if available.


I don’t know if its helpful but I did some testing for I experience a lot of drifting while playing.

If I understand the technology correctly the sensors adjust to the reference drum which is the drum that is hit several times in a row. I therefore tried to hold my sticks as straight as possible and only hit the snare. If I do so, only hitting the snare endlessly I found that there is still a drift and after some time, like a few minutes there is an increasingly strong drift and if I do it long enough one of the sticks and later both start to go into the hi hat or the floor tom. At first only on very few hits but soon one of the zones is completely shifted and there are only hi hat hits and no more snare.
So the drumzones seem to drift no matter how precise I am playing they will drift anyway.

The questions that arise are:

  1. Are my sensors defect or is that a common problem?
  2. If it is only due to a failure of my sensors will you replace them?
  3. If I am not the only one experiencing this, why does it happen? What about that reference drum stuff? Shouldnt that be prevented by the auto adjustment? I mean if the kit adjusts according to the drum I hit, how can it change when i am hitting the same drum over and over again? Shouldnt it stay fixed on that drum? Maybe there is something wrong with the coding.
  4. Will there be a fix for that issue soon, since I am starting to get really tired of waiting for a solution. My sensors are from the first batch, so i received them in october but still the problem hasnt changed much and last post about this problem was in december as far as I can see.

If you are interested I can post a video how the drums start drifting when I play as described.

Best regards


Hello Bast,

We are working now on what the best course is to fix the drifting issue. Have you updated your sensors to the latested firmware V7?

  • Seyran


Yes, i am using V7. It improved a bit compared to the Versions before but still not satisfying though.


I agree that this is very strange, the reference drum algorithm is designed to specifically fix this issue so it seems that for some reason it is disabled. If possible, could you post a video of you doing exactly this (hitting only the snare until it switches drums) and/or a recording of the midi data? I’m guy developing the algorithms and it would be very useful to me.


When is v8 due? Will this fix the drifting and will it allow for more drums?


No date for that, but if you want more drums there’s already some info about it here: Sensorware Beta


Hi August,
sry for the delay but I finally found some time to record the drifting.

I hope it helps solving the issue.

and sorry for the bad quality. I hope you can see the colours change as I move the stick around. As you can see I started with the correct positioning and in the end the Hi hat / Snare border is in the middle.
Let me know if you need anything else.

Have a nice day.



Alright, thanks. Well, the ref drum only kicks in if you hit harder than a certain (pretty low) threshold and you might just be hitting a little to softly. Still it seems it takes quite a while for it to drift off. Is this how hard you generally hit? We might be able to make the threshold adjustable if this is the case.


I usually hit very hard since I am playing metal tunes but I didn’t think about the possibility of a threshold.
I will test it again with more powerful hits.

Thank you


been off the forum for a while… any recent news? i think there is a v8 update available? Anyone see any improvements?


No V8 yet, but we will update the forum and social media channels once we have an update ready.


Hi There. I am new to Freedrum. I think I’ve mostly gotten the hang of them, but it appears this drifting issue is impacting me as well. I see from reading the forums that you are working on improving the algorithm, but I would like to respectfully request a feature to enable and disable drift correction. As a long time drummer I am used to correcting myself if I miss a drum. If I drift on a real kit, I’m going to miss and need to correct myself. While is it a curiously interesting technology and I see the reasoning behind it, I think the experience of playing without the drift may suit me much better and force me to improve my FreeDrum technique rather than it correcting to my behavior. Thank you.


HI All,

Same just starting (with updated to v7 sensors) and I’ve this drifting issue too.

So any news about a fix should be good.



Hey all!

We have a V8 update coming soon with a update on the hi-hat crash placement. We have a new team member starting in the next 2 weeks who will be focused on the drift as well as adding configuration options. Stick with us as we will have updates rolling out more frequently. :slight_smile:


Really? That was communicated months ago. What happened to the team member you had starting back then? You seem to be short on resources for the endeavor. You got my money already. The product as it stands NOT worth the price!
In addition, with vague information on your part, is it a good idea to keep investing time using it? Should I tell other potential clients about it?
You need to commit to a date when the next update will be released and stick to it.
No more coming soon… if you don’t mean it!
I had mentioned in this forum the fact that most of us took a chance supporting a new technology. It does not mean you get our support and money and stop the normal development cycle. No product like yours can exist without regular updates.
Other products are coming out. Should we look elsewhere?
When was your last update? Unacceptable, don’t you think?
Please give me some reason to continue to support and enjoy your creation.


Hello Luis,

We understand your frustrations and we are listening. We are constantly testing and reaching out to our customers to be involved with our betas to make sure we get the best experience.

We were hard at work for our Android users to get them a better experience with Freedrum and the feedback has been great. We were able to pull off something we did not even think was possible, but with all that hard work is many hours tweaking and testing to get it just right.

Our new team member as we mentioned will start next week and assist with many tech specific parts of the sensors and configuration. We are with you in that we can not wait to see new updates for the firmware. (I personally am looking forward to configurations!)

We can not set a exact date because these things are tough to nail down when you are in testing and with such a small team we have. BUT we are working on that by bringing on more employees and expanding our reach deeper into Android as well as Windows support.

As we said we understand your frustration and we hope you will understand we are with you and hear everything you have said. We respect the love and support as well as the criticisms. It pushes us to work harder and get you what you need!

Thank you Luis!

  • Seyran