[Ongoing] Foot sensor detected motion


just got my pair a few days ago, I really love it so far :slight_smile:
Here’s something that’s been on my mind ever since:
The foot sensor only properly detects motion to produce one stroke on the kick drum when my foot is making an angular motion, being with my heel stuck on the ground and my foot moving up and down.
However, a complete lift of the foot followed by placing it down produces two strokes.
Would it be possible to have have a change in behavior where completely lifting my foot would produce one stroke? Maybe there’s people who prefer the other way (heel-stuck-to-floor) so a switch between the current and the potential new behavior can be placed.

Btw, if this turns out to be the unexpected behaviors, I’m on iOS 10.3.3



Hi Alexander,

I totally agree.
I’m a rock drummer and we never put the heel on the floor (no power).
In other way , it will be pleasant to play standing Freedrum :slight_smile:

Have a nice week-end,


I agree. Also, anyway to work the hi-hat? when I use the foot sensors I get two bass drums. I understand the turning of the stick to a loose hi-hat but that is not natural


Hi Alexander,

Good point, I’ve mentioned the same in some Youtube video comments.
True that a lot of drummers playing heel up, and the sensor reacts with 2 strokes, probably because the angular movement is close to zero in this case, but the foot is bouncing. Not trying to be “Mr. smarty pants”, but maybe it’s possible to make a stable pattern of how accelerometer reacts on this kind of playing style and have it covered.
It’s quite hard to play consistently fast double kick drums with the heel down.


@lyricman: If you calibrate your left foot sensor when it is pointing across to your right, when you move it back to a more forward pointing position it should think it is now angled to the left and select the hi-hat. You don’t need to calibrate the with both feet pointing in the same direction.


My foot sensor on sensorware seems to work ok (the notes appear near the name of the sensor) but I can’t hear any sound


Check this guy’s brilliant solution to this :slight_smile: Show Us How You Use Freedrum


Hi Alexander,

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
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