[Ongoing] Freedrum app and Sensorware problems


Well Done!
thank you Asgvard your solution work done!

Bye Andrea


Hello !

On my Ipad i cant make the censors work, they connect but there is no response to any movement,
i also cant put the update on the first sensorware app, it crash at the moment i press update

Thx for the help :slight_smile:


Hi, have you tried to Update them in Sensorware when turning the sensor on with holding the button for ~10 sec so it turns yellow? Sensorware didn’t crash in my case and successfully updated it to v7. But only in “yellow” button mode.


@Asgvard I’ve tried to do that but when i do it says it timed out then goes back to the main screen


Exactly, I really hope an update comes out for the sensorware app soon


Hello All,

We are back in Sweden from NAMM 2018 and working hard for updates to Sensorware and the new Freedrum app. Bare with us as we get down to squashing those pesky bugs.


Thank you so much
I can’t wait until it’s fixed so I can get back to drumming!!!


Thank you!!! I’ve been refreshing my App Store update section hoping that there’s an update for sensorware​:laughing::raised_hands:t2::ok_hand:t2:


@Seyran @Fredrik
So whats the word about the Sensorware app problems right now???
Any good news yet???


Once we have an update we will publish it to the forum. Thank you! :slight_smile:


That’s weird… I thought you guys released an update because my freedrums are now working…I do remember forgetting my freedrums from my Bluetooth on the settings, I haven’t used my freedrums in like 2 weeks, I turned them on and boom it asked to pair to my device and was recognizing my hits… I have not updated my freedrums because I feared it would’ve messed them up again


Awesome that you brought the Freedrum app online. I haven’t followed you in quite a while but today I wanted to check it out…
Was a bit surprised that it’s not compatible with iPhone 4S :frowning:

Bad situation right now, as neither my PC nor my iPhone work with Freedrum…


Hey Alex!

Yes, unfortunately it can’t run on the 4S because it is visually heavy for the device. Even big companies like Blizzard have moved forward and dropped support for the 4S with their very popular game Hearthstone.

It’s natural with tech products as well. I myself loved the 4S device. I personally think it was one of the best iPhones released so we understand the frustration.


We did! :slight_smile: I was mentioning to those who have had a issue with the app crashes. :slight_smile: