[Ongoing] LITTLE PROBLEM = cymbal instead hi.hat


HI guys,
first thing: sorry for my english.
second thing: i wan’t to play hi-hat but the sensor give back cymbal feedback?
thank you team for this amazing work and thank all for any reply.


Hi Lorenzo_Luca,

Try hitting the Hi-Hat in an angle below 0 degree line (Between 0 and -10 degrees angle). Look here for the angles: https://www.freedrum.rocks/setup/how-to-play (point 7).

I have the Freedrumkit since last Wednesday and it’s working good, especially when you keep the angles in mind.


Hi Paul and thank you for the reply.
I’ve followed every things. The kit work fine but after 1/2 minute of use the sensor on hi-hat/cymbal zone play only cymbal at 25° angle, 0° or -10° angle…


Hi Lorenzo,

I noticed that this evening my self when I was playing in a higher tempo… .it’s the “drifting” where more users are talking about, recalibrate and it works fine for a period.

Everyone hopes the next update comes soon and the drifting is addressed.


Hi Paul,
you’re right. The problem come in when play 120 (and up) BPM tempo.

Hope in the update,
tnx you for you time and your rep.