[Ongoing] New Freedrum App - Feedback


Hi Dev team,
On iPhone 7 with Sensors V7.
Previously connecting to sensorware and GarageBand was pretty seamless nearly every time.

Just tried the new Freedrum 3D app and 2 main pieces of feedback were the following:

  • initially it was a struggle to get the sensors connected. Tried on iPad and iPhone, turning Bluetooth on and off, opening and closing Sensorware and Freedrum apps etc and only on phone restart did it eventually connect. Ie didn’t seem as stable in connecting as Sensorware
  • I’m not a drummer, however have played a few times in the past and was interested in trying the hi-hat open via foot pedal feature. It didn’t seem to open as naturally as expected then realized in order to hear the open hi-hat sounds, the pedal must be open before making contact with stick. However on real drums I seem to recall if you lift the foot pedal up a millisecond after hitting the hi-hat, the sound rings out as if open.
    Is it possible to fine tune this feature so that even if hi-hat is already hit, but almost at the same time or a split second after it still allows the sounds to ring out as Open? That would feel more natural I believe than lifting foot completely and then hitting.



We are taking feedback from everyone and will try to improve the connection issues some users are experiencing. When it comes to the hihat there are things to improve. And we will absolutely improve it as the releases go by! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
I’m having issues getting the new 3D kit on my iPad 3 and iPhone 6. Is the new update compatible on these devices? When I look at the version history in App Store it is only showing me up to version 1.4, which was released a month ago, so I’m assuming this latest update is 1.5 correct?
Thanks a lot!


The new 3D kit app is named “freedrum” and it’s in 1.1 version. It works with iOS 11.0 only so if you have an older iOS, you need to upgrade to be able to download it from App Store. 1.4 version is for the “sensorware” app. There are 2 apps now.


nice to meet you to everyone!

I’m not a proDrummer, I’ve try new freedrum app on my Ipad2, below my first sensations before 3days of trials:

Good news:

  • Mixer is a great news
  • HitHat with left pedals lovely

To do better:

  • Left crash position contrast with hithat position often
  • I feel better answer signal with Garage band vs the new app
  • absense of the second tom
  • sometimes app crash
  • no revers change of view with IPAD2
  • Personally Garage band drums quality are better than Freedrum audio drum

Despite all , I will use Freedrum App as first software for routinely sparrow!
It is too easy as all in solutions.
I want really congrants with the project team!!!

I love freedrum I really hope that you can go further.
Thank you all!




Here are a couple of improvement suggestions and errors I’ve noticed in the new Freedrum app:

I haven’t made any measurements (don’t know if that’s even possible) but it feels like the latency is bigger with the Freedrum app. Anyone else? May be cause I’m not used to the new sounds.

I’ve also noticed that if you don’t send any signals to the app for about a minute the first hit or even hits won’t generate any sounds.

Since it’s now possible to control opening of the hi-hat with the foot sensor I would like to be able to turn the twist function off. Only for the hi-hat of course! Love the new twist function for the ride.


I have to add a new strangers things…
so if tha freedrum app is going on to IPAD
and contemporary i’m in a call with my Iphone
Freedrum doesn’t play sound…

In my Iphone 5s Freedrum crash.

Just to know.

kind regards.


Ok so my ongoing issue is that it constantly crashes upon its loadup. I’ve tried it on the latest iOS 11.2.5 on iPhone 6 AND 6plus (both are 128gb and have plenty of storage), in-jaikbroken). Have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, turning off the phones and on again and even performed a restore of firmware. Crashes every time! My friend has his working on a 6s but the latency with the new app is really bad! Hopefully a fix soon guys, you have this on your plate as well as the annoying drifting issue we are ALL experiencing with the crash and hi-hat.