[Ongoing] Positioning drums in Freedrum app


Could it be possible to move cymbals or drums in another position. For instance I would like to have the crash cymbal further away from the hi-hat. Or switch the crash with the ride cymbal.


As of now it is not possible, but it is something we have in our roadmap. :slight_smile:


Thanks, that would be great. Can’t wait.


Hello Willy and all freedrum users,
With « Drum Session » ios apps you can remap all part of your drum. I will make a mini tutorial this day or tomorrow.
It is very easy to remap a cymbal or tom. ( I know the apps it’s a cost but the functionality is very good )


Hello Tony,

This sounds great are you able to upload a video showing how Freedrum plays with Drum Session?


Hello, not a video but a pdf
I will probably make a video soon :slight_smile:


Hello Tony!

Thank you for this it is greatly appreciated! Are you able to connect all 4 sensors and play with Drum Session?


Yes, the four sensors is connected in the app. Sorry for the late respond, im little busy in this moment :slight_smile:


There’s a way to remap the drums via a webapp, check this out: Sensorware Beta


Good to know this. Thanks for helping everyone out.