[Ongoing] Sound in android Freedrum app distorted

Hi! I haven’t used Freedrum in a while but wanted to test them and play a little today. But the drums from the android app sounds just awful, hard to describe but they sound really distorted. I will link to the video I recorded on my phone. It has nothing to do with my speakers (everything else like spotify sounds good), it’s the same sound when I connect my headphones, it doesn’t matter if i play with the drumstick or touch the icons in the app. Just downloaded the app again so it is the newest version and fresh install. I’m running in on a OnePlus 7 Pro.

The video (turn down your volume!) Video

Would appreciate some help if others have the same problem or if the dev/support-team has some clue what the problem is.


Hey Lukas,

Thanks for letting us know. This is the first we have heard of this issue. Can you try deleting and downloading the app again to see if that changes anything.

As you said it worked for Spotify, but that is using a different method to play sound. I wonder if restarting the phone might help too. Let us know and we will see what we can find out from our side too.

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Hi I have same problem after upgrading phone. Have FD2 V9 drums are distorted. Tried reinstall both apps also restart phone reupdate sensors and changed BT SBC to Qualcomm Aptx HD. Please advice. Thank you for your help

Hey Dave!

We can assist you, but first, can you answer a few questions?

What make and model phone are you using?
Have you seen any updates needed on your device?
If you try another device are you getting the same issue? Preferably the original device that was working before.

When you say distorted do you mean the sample sound you hear after hitting an instrument?
Are you able to record a short video of this and upload it here?

Please let us know so we can better assist you.

A similar problem I have ever had. You should try to clear the app’s internal memory in the “Application info” section then reopen it, if that doesn’t work, delete and re-download the camscanner mod apk techbigs app.

Hey Enrique,

Thanks for this tip. Did you also have this issue? If so, did clearing the memory/cache help?