[Ongoing] Suggestion: "Free play mode"


So I’ve been playing with Freedrum for a couple of weeks now (v7 firmware). Overall I like it but the constant drifting & re-alignment is really annoying. I understand serious drummers would want the imaginary drums to remain at their 50 degree angle.
However coming from an air drumming background (lol) I’d just like to be able to hit the stick anywhere in the zone without worrying about whether it’s 50 degrees or not.

Is it therefore possible to program the sensors to just remember the spatial location of where the zones change colour? Then hitting anywhere in the zone will play the relevant sound. Maybe do this for the horizontal plane only - keep the vertical plane the same strict 25/-10. You could call this “free play” or “air drumming” mode and have it as an option in the sensorware app.


Hey Phil!

Drifting is something we are looking into and is know throughout the community now. We are hoping to get this corrected in future updates to the firmware. :slight_smile: